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Our shop is provided by our main reseller MyCommerce, a Digital River company. This secured platform supports payment by Credit Card, Wire transfer, Paypal & checks / cheques.
"Free" version of our products are for Personnal use only.
For specific question or tailored quotation (volumes, corporate orders), please contact our Sales department.

Premium Pack licence (Recommended)

Single licence for all the following products: SUMo, DUMo, KCleaner, dot11Expert, AudioGrail, PhotoToFilm, ApHeMo, AVIToolbox, K-ML, K-FTP, K-Mail
Lifetime licence
Premium (high priority) technical support
SUMo & DUMo PRO for up to 10 PCs licence

BUY NOW (99.99 Euros)

Donation (for Free software)



Single product licence

SUMo & DUMo PRO for up to 4 PCs (same user)
Other for 1 PC only (same user)
SUMo PRO - 1 year BUY NOW (19.99 Euros)
SUMo PRO - Lifetime BUY NOW (29.99 Euros)
DUMo PRO - 1 year BUY NOW (14.99 Euros)
DUMo PRO - Lifetime BUY NOW (24.99 Euros)
KCleaner PRO BUY NOW (14.99 Euros)
AudioGrail BUY NOW (24.99 Euros)
dot11Expert BUY NOW (19.99 Euros)
K-ML BUY NOW (49.99 Euros)
PhotoToFilm BUY NOW (14.99 Euros)
AVIToolbox BUY NOW (14.99 Euros)
ApHeMo BUY NOW (49.99 Euros)
K-Mail (Active-X) BUY NOW (49.99 Euros)
K-FTP (Active-X) BUY NOW (49.99 Euros)