Released 2008-03-18
0000525: [New Feature] Normal / In-depth scan shall be available (Kyle_Katarn)
0000523: [Bug] SUMo Doesn't Recognize Windows Installer Shortcuts (like those for Microsoft Office) (Kyle_Katarn)
0000510: [New Feature] It shall be possible to allow SUMo to display "Beta" as new version available (Kyle_Katarn)
0000509: [Bug] Installation Splash Copyright Date (Kyle_Katarn)
0000482: [New Feature] DLL / ActiveX support (Drag'n'drop only) (Kyle_Katarn)
0000521: [New Feature] Support for Screen Saver (.SCR) Files (Kyle_Katarn)
0000518: [Bug] Strange Graphics Problem with the Horizontal Lines (Kyle_Katarn)
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