Released 2009-07-13
0001102: [Refactoring] Instrumentation in order to investigate strange bug 0001101 (Kyle_Katarn)
0001081: [Bug] Multiple detection of Mozilla ThunderBird (Kyle_Katarn)
0001103: [Refactoring] Cache shall be flushed before "global" check (performance improvement) (Kyle_Katarn)
0001098: [Bug] ExtractCompanyFromCopyright : "xxx under GPL" (Kyle_Katarn)
0001082: [Bug] Incorrect company Name for Symetricon (Kyle_Katarn)
0001086: [Refactoring] ExtractCompanyFromCopyright : Not fully accurate (again) (Kyle_Katarn)
0001076: [Bug] Incorrect log entry for single item check (Kyle_Katarn)
0001094: [Refactoring] Company Name shall be ignored if equals to "-" (Kyle_Katarn)
0001093: [Bug] Regression : Exception in "-" / Copyright processing (Kyle_Katarn)
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