Released 2012-12-22
0001856: [Refactoring] Stardock Software multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0001841: [Refactoring] Rationalisation of company names for VirtualDub (Kyle_Katarn)
0001857: [Refactoring] "Bitsum" multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0001858: [Refactoring] Multiple company name for "Notepad2" (Kyle_Katarn)
0001844: [Refactoring] "Thunderbird Windows Search Integration Handler" (WSEnable.exe) should be filtered (Kyle_Katarn)
0001862: [Refactoring] Remove trailing "application file" in names (Kyle_Katarn)
0001855: [Refactoring] Remove trailing ".dll" or ".dll loader" (Kyle_Katarn)
0001859: [Refactoring] Change "x64 (64 Bits)" by "(64 Bits)" in names (Kyle_Katarn)
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