Released 2013-01-22
0001917: [Refactoring] "PDFForge" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0001920: [Bug] SUMO again misidentify Firefox ESR (Kyle_Katarn)
0001926: [Refactoring] No "auto check" if cache was non empty for all products and no older than 30 minutes (Kyle_Katarn)
0001914: [New Feature] CCCP Codec Pack support (Kyle_Katarn)
0001925: [Refactoring] Fiddler company name to be set to [Eric Lawrence, Telerik] (Kyle_Katarn)
0001921: [Refactoring] Fiddler 2 / 4 detection rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0001923: [Refactoring] Uninstaller software (Kyle_Katarn)
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