Released 2015-07-16
0002964: [Refactoring] More details in log when downgrading to HTTP/1.0 (Kyle_Katarn)
0002963: [Bug] On single server configuration, with timeout, no downgrade to HTTP/1.0 (Kyle_Katarn)
0002980: [Refactoring] Updated Russian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0002960: [Bug] Nag windows are terrible for users (Kyle_Katarn)
0002973: [Bug] Wrong characters on thank you window (Kyle_Katarn)
0002967: [Bug] White stripe covering the "S" of SUMo in the "Update available" window (Kyle_Katarn)
0002966: [Refactoring] "Manual update" shall open SUMo page for SUMo (not KC Softwares) (Kyle_Katarn)
0002965: [Refactoring] "Download update" on SUMo shall raise the "Update" dialog (Kyle_Katarn)
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