Released 2015-10-10
0003155: [Refactoring] Updated german translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0003167: [Refactoring] Updated italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0003152: [Refactoring] Missing company name for "Hotspot Shield" (Kyle_Katarn)
0003151: [Refactoring] "Arc" company name fix (Kyle_Katarn)
0003160: [Refactoring] "Launcher" with no company name shall be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0003157: [Bug] Punto Switcher misdetection (name) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003161: [Refactoring] "Bioware" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0003162: [Refactoring] "WildTangent" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0002961: [Refactoring] "IOBit." to be changed to "IOBit" (Kyle_Katarn)
0003164: [Refactoring] "TODO: xxx" shall be filtered as company name (Kyle_Katarn)
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