Released 2016-06-16
0003800: [Refactoring] Razer Cortex by Razer Inc. detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0003811: [Refactoring] "Bluetooth Tray (64 bits) by Broadcom" to be ignored (hardware/OS dependant) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003801: [Refactoring] "Canon Quick Menu" replaces "Canon Solution Menu EX" (Kyle_Katarn)
0003807: [Bug] "Free Software Foundation" is not a valid company name (Kyle_Katarn)
0003799: [Refactoring] "Update by GitHub" to be filtered (dependancy) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003813: [Bug] AdwCleaner 5.200 reported as 5.20000 (Kyle_Katarn)
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