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0001303SUMoBugpublic2010-12-22 22:48
Reporterwar59312Assigned ToKyle_Katarn 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWin32OSWindowsOS Version7 x64
Product Version2.10.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.10.6 
Summary0001303: Normal Window State - Size And Location Resets To Defaults After Maximizing Window
DescriptionAfter this bug was fixed:

Now when Sumo is maximized it remembers that state correctly.

But the next time you run Sumo and un-maximize its window the normal window state, its size and location on screen when not maximized was forgotten. :(

It should be remembered from the last run.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Run Sumo and re-size its window to your liking. Move it where you want it too.

Now maximize Sumo and then completely close Sumo.

2.) Run Sumo again and it should still be maximized. Since was was maximized via the last run.

Now un-maximize the window. Notice the size and location of the window has been reset to defaults. :(

So the size and location you had previously set in step 1 was completely forgotten. :(

Sumo should always remember its window state (size, location, maximized or not).
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2010-12-07 03:18

reporter   ~0000623

Still does not seem fixed. :(

Tested on Windows 7. Still same odd behavior with v2.10.5.102.


2010-12-07 20:58

administrator   ~0000624

Does the problem occurs with this precise procedure ?
Unable to reproduce here (fix is efficient).
If you confirm the procedure, i'll send you an instrumented experimental test version.


2010-12-07 21:24

reporter   ~0000625

Yeah still happening.. To be clear..

1.) Run Sumo and change size and location to your liking. And then close and restart.

The location of the window is correctly remembered, but not its size.

2.) Now maximize the window. Close and restart.

The maximized state was remembered correctly. :)

Now un-maximize the window. It goes back to the correct location but not the correct size.

3.) Now lets close Sumo and restart it and try something different.

Move sumo window and resize to your liking. Then maximize the window.

Now close and restart sumo. Again it correctly remembered the maxmize state but now unmaximize the window again.

It is NOT at the correct location. Instead it is has the location that it was the last time before you and closed Sumo.

Hope that helps?


2010-12-22 10:41

administrator   ~0000626

Thanks, this helped me finding what was the trick !


2010-12-22 21:03

reporter   ~0000627

Indeed, fix confirmed. :)

Perfect now, thanks a lot!! :D


2010-12-22 22:44

administrator   ~0000628

Then, do you have re-opened the issue by mistake ? May i close it ?


2010-12-22 22:46

reporter   ~0000629


Yeah, whoops. I thought I was only leaving a comment, but yea now I see it reopened it. Sorry.

Thanks for fixing again..

Happy holidays,


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