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0001364SUMoBugpublic2015-01-03 18:13
ReporterOrbit100Assigned ToKyle_Katarn 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindows 7 Home Premium SP1OSOS Version
Product Version2.13.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.13 
Summary0001364: missing navigation (scroll)bars
DescriptionSuddenly I am missing the navigation (scroll) bar at the right side and the down side of the SUMo-window. I don’t know when this problem occurs.
In the header of the window the text explaining the symbols at the right side is partly shown. The other part is outside the window (not shown). Only when I minimize the SUMo-window by moving (mousclicking) the right corner at the foot of the SUMo-window to the smallest Window-size both navigation bars (down and right side) appears.
I am using Windows 7. The video specifications are: 1680x1050 resolution with normal-125% text and I have the latetst NVIDIA driver 275.33-desktop-win7-winvista-32bit-international-whql installed.

I re-installed the program SUMo after uninstalling and cleaning the registry. Also I changed the video specifications. But all actions don’t solve the problem. Is this a bug in the latest version of SUMo?

In the pop-up menu (Product version) of this report the latest version is shown as 2.13.3, but this is not the latest version. I downloaded and installed the version according the advise of SUMo.
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2011-06-26 14:54

administrator   ~0000647

Does the problem still occurs after switching to normal-100% text and computer reboot ?


2011-06-26 16:13

reporter   ~0000648

You hit the nail on the head! The problem doesn't occur in the 100% text mode after rebooting.

Could we expect in the future a modification in the SUMo program that supports the 125% text mode? By the way: Microsoft calls the 125% text the normal mode and the 100% text low (but standard and that is confusing). I like the highest resolution (1680x1050) but in that resolution is the 100% text mode to low and not nice to use it for a time.

Thank you very much for resolving the problem. I like your program.


2011-11-20 22:22

reporter   ~0000673

Hi Kyle,

The status of this issue is since 2011-06 "assigned". Could we expect a modification at short notice or do I misunderstand the status "assigned".

Sorry for my impatience. It is not my intention to hurry you. After all it is a minor bug.


2011-12-02 21:55

administrator   ~0000674

This one is very tricky and "may" require that we change our devlopment environment from the outdated Delphi7 to something more up-to-date ...


2011-12-02 21:55


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