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0001625SUMoNew Featurepublic2012-07-21 18:40
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Product Version3.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.0 
Summary0001625: Beta report
DescriptionIt cold be nice if you cold make a:

right click -> Report as beta -> chose version to report as beta -> the app " sumo " send you an email

that way 1 thing user less thingy is removed
Additional InformationHope you understand my enlish
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2012-07-09 14:53

reporter   ~0000928

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Nice idea indeed!

The server should keep the list of manual beta marks in its DB and use this info for "Allow Beta versions" functionality (which isn't reliable atm). Of course, it should notify the server via internal protocol not through email ;)

The only serious problem I foresee is credibility -- if anyone abuses the feature others might not be able to see some updates anymore. So, this alpha/beta information must either be double checked via some manual review process from trusted party (KC Software? delegated SUMo community body? some applicable third-party?) or be relied upon applied statistical methods like SUMo already does for automated new versions discovery. In the latter case there must also be a way to manually override the collected automated judgement on the server side, so there would be no need for end users to upgrade SUMo package every time misinformation creeps in.

P.S. also, a visible alpha/beta column should be added to the UI. And do we need to make a distinction between dev / alpha / beta, too?


2012-07-09 15:26

reporter   ~0000930

is`nt alpha not just early beta versions?

You can make a simple login - this forum login ..

that will put this beta report functions


2012-07-09 23:26

administrator   ~0000932

Concerning "community contribution" to beta tagging on DB side : this is planned and under devlopment.

Concerning the "Right click" stuff : Right !


2012-07-10 08:11

reporter   ~0000934



2012-07-10 22:38

administrator   ~0000937

To be added in next release


2012-07-11 14:31

reporter   ~0000939

Kyle, by "next release" do you mean 4.x or 3.2.x?


2012-07-11 15:36

reporter   ~0000940

i think this will be a major thing so my guess 4.x


2012-07-14 14:59

administrator   ~0000954


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