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0003330SUMoNew Featurepublic2017-07-14 23:23
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Product Version4.2.0 
Target Version5.3Fixed in Version5.3 
Summary0003330: Faster way to add Additional Folders
DescriptionPlease add a faster way to manually add folders to the "Additional Folders" list.
I want to ad 30 sub-folders (but not all sub-folders) of my portable application folder.

Possible ways:
1) Allow to drag multiple folders from an explorer window into the dialog "Custom Folders"
2) Allow to select multiple folders in the dialog where I can choose the folder (mark folders with [Ctrl] and [Shift])

I would prefer the first way (Drag & Drop)
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2016-01-02 16:19


Folder_Checkbox.png (13,936 bytes)
Folder_Checkbox.png (13,936 bytes)


2016-01-02 16:30

reporter   ~0002191

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3) Checkbox in front of folders
I have a 3rd suggestion that is the best of all (provides best usability).
When the user clicks on "Additional Folders" show a new dialog with a TreeView of all drives.
In front of each drive/folder show a checkbox, so users can select the drive/folder.
See attached screenshot "Folder_Checkbox.png" for an example.
So the current dialog can be removed.

Last time I programmed in Delphi was 10 years ago, but if I remember correctly there is such a component existing.
If not, see here:


2017-07-14 23:23

administrator   ~0002638

Done with drag'n'drop

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