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0004460DUMoRefactoringpublic2017-09-11 21:02
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Product Version2.10.3 
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Summary0004460: Identifying different Windows 10 builds
DescriptionSome of my devices for example:

Are showing as having an update available but this is not really the case as the current version listed while newer is actually for a newer version of Windows 10.

Typically Windows Update would take care of this, but its from a second developmental thread

10.0.16353.1000 is from a prerelease of Redstone 4 that has only just started development
10.0.16281.1000 is from Redstone 3 which is due for public release next month

The actual public release of Windows isn't listed for this particular device, but I would query if there is a way to hide updates for what is essentially a brand new release of Windows 10 but they won't change to 11, just give it silly names like Creators Update and Fall Creators update.

Can you hide updated Microsoft drivers for newer trunks of Windows 10?

Here is a bit of handy info I dug up showing that anything older than 15151 is actually Redstone 2 (the released version), then anything higher than that is 3 and 4 split out here.


Redstone 4
10.0.16353 +

Redstone 3
10.0.15151 +


Redstone 2

Redstone 1

Threshold 2

Threshold 1
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