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0000521SUMoNew Featurepublic2008-03-24 11:04
ReporterZer0 VoltageAssigned ToKyle_Katarn 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.7 
Summary0000521: Support for Screen Saver (.SCR) Files
DescriptionAssuming it would be technically possible, could screen saver (.SCR) file support be added to SUMo?

Some advanced screen saver products like those from DigiFish ( and Dream Aquarium ( create start menu items, but those entries just point directly to .SCR files - no EXE's are even needed.

I have looked at various SCR file properties and don't see the Version tab like EXE and DLL files can have, but there is a Summary tab and if you go there and click on the "Advanced >>" button there are various property fields available including Title, Author, and Revision Number - and I was thinking it might be possible to correlate those fields to Product, Company, and Version (if the usual version info tags aren't already possible with SCR files that is) - though I suppose the existing Description tag could also still work for the product name as usual.

Of course, even if such support is technically possible, it would also then require getting the developers to properly fill in those fields (or add the necessary version info wherever else it would need to be). :)

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