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0005479SUMoBugpublic2022-03-07 20:33
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OSWindows 10OS Version1809 (64 bit) 
Product Version5.8.7 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0005479: command line mode with standard help switch doesn't work as expected
DescriptionSUMo command line mode of SUMo doesn't work as expected.

When I enter a folder with SUMo installed in the standard Windows 10 console, I start SUMo in command line mode with the standard help switch (/?). I expect a standard output or standard error response in that console window with reporting available and implemented switches i.e. for scanning or reporting, eventually extended by version info before returning to the console prompt.

What I observe instead is no output of the SUMo application at all in that console window and an immediate return of the console prompt. It additionally either started a new instance of SUMo window or switched focus to return to an already existing one, probably depending on file path and state of eventually running instance.

When start trying the command line mode, I had an instance of SUMo Pro v5.9.1.421 already running and initially started via Windows start menu. For the command line, I changed directory of the Windows console to the location where I installed the PortableApps framework with its components SUMo Portable and SUMo (needed by SUMo Portable). In the folder of this SUMo component, I entered the full name with full absolute path and the standard help switch. This version of SUMo is It's the first time I used that file and that path and the command line for this file. It started this new instance into its GUI reporting also its version.
Additional InformationWhen I use the GUI of PortableApps to start SUMo Portable, I couldn't start it because it detected that other instances of SUMo are already running and asking in a popup window to close the other instances before restarting SUMo Portable in the PortableApps framework again.

When I took a closer look of the instance of SUMo started via command line, I was wondering several other aspects:
* It didn't show the button to acquire the Pro edition although I never entered a license key for that old version nor that path of SUMo.
* When looking into its about section, it reported it as registered with the registration information of the already running instance of the installed SUMo Pro version of different path, drive and location although I never entered a license key for that old version nor that path of SUMo.
* When looking into its configuration, I expected its default configuration as I never started SUMo of that file location before, neither via command line nor via PortableApps GUI. What I saw cannot be the default configuration. Instead it reused the configuration of the installed and running instance of SUMo Pro. Why?

I did not yet check if this happens also on the older device with older operating system.
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related to 0005481 acknowledgedKC_Softwares multiple instances of SUMo running leads to loss of registration 
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2019-05-11 22:43

reporter   ~0003274

If you need a screenshot of that command line and its output, here you are.
sumo.cli.hlp.20190511.png (50,612 bytes)   
sumo.cli.hlp.20190511.png (50,612 bytes)   

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