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0005535KCleanerBugpublic2019-06-06 21:00
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.6.3 
Summary0005535: KCleaner Portable with SUMo license ?
DescriptionAs reported with issue for DUMo Portable, also KCleaner Portable of PortableApps-Framework displays the KC Softwares SUMo license when updated.

Shouldn't the license being renamed to KC Softwares portable license, without any product name?
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related to 0005534 resolvedKyle_Katarn DUMo DUMo Portable with SUMo license ? 



2019-06-05 13:46



2019-06-05 20:45

administrator   ~0003445

Looks like a PortableApps bug, not affecting our installers. Do you confirm ?
If yes, i'll close and i'll report to PA


2019-06-06 01:17

reporter   ~0003448

I don't know the source of that license. It's definitely no PortableApps license. I don't know which license text you agreed with PortableApps. I don't remember such a license text when installing DUMo (classical) of related issue. So I can't neither confirm nor deny and hence the order of proposed action seems to be inappropriate.
First report to PA and clarify source of text how it gets integrated including responsibility. Propose corresponding text change if it's their interpretation of the license provided by you. Best practice is then to await fix in PA before closing. I agree and confirm that I see this license text when KC Softwares portable edition gets updated in PA context with PA means. So beside clarification and awaiting fix I guess no further action needed on KC Softwares side. And I guess that PA will not fix this integration before next release of concerned Software which might happen sooner for DUMo than for KCleaner as I assume user base of DUMo larger than that of KCleaner.


2019-06-06 20:57

administrator   ~0003452

Problem is clearly not ok our site. I'll report the problem to PA.


2019-06-06 21:00

administrator   ~0003455

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