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0000647SUMoBugpublic2008-08-04 08:05
ReporterZer0 VoltageAssigned ToKyle_Katarn 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.2.1 
Summary0000647: Incorrect [Local] Product Versions Being Determined by SUMo
DescriptionNumerous [local] product versions are being determined incorrectly by SUMo (though was OK).

For example:

- ActiveXHelper 1.12.0 is seen as 1.1.2.
- AdapterWatch 1.04 is seen as 1.4.0.
- Eraser 5.86.1 is seen as
- REAPER 2.44 is seen as 2.4.4.
- and many more...

It doesn't happen to all products, but I can't figure out why it only happens to some and not others. I'd actually be curious to know what the pattern was after this is fixed.

Seems to be a similar decimal placement error like we saw back with 1.8.x (as discussed in various forum threads then). This time, however, more products have been affected.
Additional InformationFYI, this is the same issue I sent an e-mail about earlier. I just added it here for proper tracking and reference.

If the fix isn't going to be quick, perhaps consider pulling this release and putting 2.1 back up for now - just so we don't end up with a large amount of bad data on the server. ;)

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Zer0 Voltage

2008-08-03 21:35

reporter   ~0000395

The major problem is fixed in v2.2.1.53, but there are still a small number of programs being seen incorrectly. From my list:

- ProcessActivityView 1.05 is still incorrectly seen as 1.0.5.
- ShellMenuView 1.05 is still incorrectly seen as 1.0.5.

Same details sent in previous e-mail response, but reopened here again for reference and tracking - and to avoid potential duplicate reports just in case anyone else notices. ;)



2008-08-04 08:05

administrator   ~0000397

This is due to the way Nirsoft tags its product.

I can't fix that without having side effects of products like Notepad++

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