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0000708SUMoBugpublic2012-03-10 22:41
ReporterZer0 VoltageAssigned ToKyle_Katarn 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.0 
Summary0000708: Some Programs Not Being Handled Properly by SUMo
DescriptionStarting with version, there are two products (which were already in my list) no longer being properly handled:

1. Kyodai Mahjongg (kjm.exe) version 2006.0.0.108

2. System Information Analyzer (PC Wizard.exe) version 2008.1.8.5

SUMo still sees them and loads them into the list, but checks no longer work on them. The check does seem to try and analyze the files, but then almost immediately skips over them and moves on to the next entry.

Once the full check completes, these programs appear at the bottom of the list and have no graphic (check, star, or triangle) next to them and no text in the update column.

There's also no longer any data stored on the web pages, like this one for Kyodai Mahjongg:

Naturally I thought it was the 4-number first digits in the version numbers - 2006 and 2008 - but that might not be the case since System Information for Windows (siw.exe) version 2008.7.15.0 still works fine.

I also didn't see anything obvious in the tags which would explain why the first two no longer work while the third one still does.

Files attached. Thanks!
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child of 0000542 resolvedKyle_Katarn SUMo do not support version digits > 256 


Zer0 Voltage

2008-08-11 05:40

reporter   ~0000410

Mantis isn't letting me upload siw.exe. Hopefully you will not need that since it's the one which still works, but if you do end up needing it for comparison let me know and I'll upload it via FTP.


2008-08-11 09:47

administrator   ~0000411

I know this issue.
I've fonud a pretty workaround for 4-digits but this will require a complete re-design of the database....


2008-08-12 17:47

administrator   ~0000415

0000708: Some Programs Not Being Handled Properly by SUMo

I've also been having this issue with a couple of previously working applications:

Registry Repair Wizard (RCleaner.exe) [version: 2007.4.5.2]

SymmTime (GeTTime.exe) [version: 2008.3.22.0]

Good luck and thanks.



2008-08-24 01:35

reporter   ~0000421

SUMo also has trouble with 0.0.0.* versions. SPORE Creature Creator, for example, is v0.0.0.1112, and it too isn't recognized.


2008-08-25 21:22

administrator   ~0000424

I confirm.... but such versionning convention is completely absurd ;)

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