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KC Softwares activities are to be terminated by end of October 2023.
All products are to be considered as End-Of-Life (EOL) on October 31st 2023.
Sales are stopped.

SUMo icon PhotoToFilm Video of your favorite pictures !


PhotoToFilm is the perfect companion for everyone who uses a digital camera.
With PhotoToFilm you can easily make small movies out of your pictures and compress them (ie : using DivX) in order to distribute your production to your friends and family.
PhotoToFilm allows you to add professional looking effects in a few clicks and makes video authoring a game.


  • User friendly interface
  • Makes transitions (such as cross fading) between your photos
  • Features dynamic images support
  • Sound track (MP3) support
  • Supports most popular photos formats (JPEG, Bitmaps)
  • OSD : On Video dynamic text insertion
  • Creates movies using codecs present on your computer (such as DivX)
  • Ability to burn DVDs (requires CopyToDVD)
  • International support
  • And much more !


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