Released 2021-04-08
0006447: [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal (Kyle_Katarn)
0006375: [New Feature] Capacity to remove licence (Kyle_Katarn)
0006278: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.65 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1i (Kyle_Katarn)
0006332: [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0006233: [Refactoring] Updated Spanish translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2020-09-26
0006048: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.64 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1g (Kyle_Katarn)
0005966: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2019-10-28
0001751: [Bug] Typo : “Additionnal Info” (Kyle_Katarn)
0005619: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.62 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1c (Kyle_Katarn)
0005563: [Bug] incomplete version info (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2019-05-08
0005278: [Bug] Missing UninstallDisplayIcon in registry for installed version (Kyle_Katarn)
0005308: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.59 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1b (Kyle_Katarn)
0005418: [Refactoring] bcrypt.dll is missing error on Windows XP (Kyle_Katarn)
0005471: [Bug] "Open Log" menu no longer working (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2018-12-30
0005074: [Refactoring] Improved log management as per 0005071 (Kyle_Katarn)
0005128: [Bug] Crash when closing Portable version ran from a read only folder (eg : NAS,...) (Kyle_Katarn)
0005035: [Refactoring] OpenSSL 1.1.0h > 1.1.0i (Kyle_Katarn)
0005175: [Refactoring] Updated Hungarian translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0005164: [Refactoring] Licence manager shall not accept "null name" de facto invalid licence (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2018-06-30
0004808: [Refactoring] Make portable version truly portable (Kyle_Katarn)
0004987: [Refactoring] "?" menu reoarganization (to fit with other KC Softwares products) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004685: [Refactoring] Shortcuts in menus (eg : CTRL+S for settings) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004849: [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal (Kyle_Katarn)
0004840: [Refactoring] OpenSSL 1.1.0g > 1.1.0h (Kyle_Katarn)
0004750: [New Feature] Greek translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2018-01-16
0004601: [Bug] "D'Artagnan vulnerability" fix (part I : Licence check) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004684: [New Feature] Debug mode (at least for logging level 0 items) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004683: [Bug] Implement TLS to protect network traffic (Kyle_Katarn)
0004682: [Bug] Logging version of active OpenSSL to prepare use of SSL (Kyle_Katarn)
0004681: [Refactoring] 'referer: ' support for HTTPS (Right click > Source) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004619: [Refactoring] All links to shall use HTTPS, not HTTP (Kyle_Katarn)
0004408: [New Feature] Menu item for "Bug report" and "Change Log" (Kyle_Katarn)
0004638: [Refactoring] Update of email for contact in "About" dialog (Kyle_Katarn)
0004534: [Refactoring] Update of internal ICS library from 8.34 to 8.50 (Kyle_Katarn)
0004514: [Refactoring] Spanish translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0004328: [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2017-03-02
0004265: [Bug] Premium Pack licence not accepted (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2017-01-28
0002866: [New Feature] Automatic update of licence revocation file (Kyle_Katarn)
0003725: [New Feature] Licence verification protocol (Kyle_Katarn)
0003821: [Refactoring] Removal of local licence blacklist + licence revocation (Kyle_Katarn)
0003935: [Refactoring] Log entry when checking licence and detection of non validated licence (Kyle_Katarn)
0003992: [Refactoring] Increased patch resillience to licence verification (Kyle_Katarn)
0004000: [Refactoring] Simplification of temporary licence check file deletion (merger of branches) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004018: [Refactoring] Licence verification shall use version number (Kyle_Katarn)
0004048: [Refactoring] Notification of "up-to-date" version when manually check using menu item (Kyle_Katarn)
0003919: [New Feature] Update detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0003862: [Refactoring] Upgrade of internal JEDI Libraries JCL v2.7 -> v2.8 (6000) JVCL v3.49 -> v3.50 (2016-08-04) (Kyle_Katarn)
0004209: [New Feature] ICS shall be set in NO_DEBUG_LOG (Kyle_Katarn)
0004231: [Refactoring] Updated Dutch translation (Kyle_Katarn)
0004179: [Bug] Update of internal ICS library from 8.06 to 8.34 (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2016-07-15
0003498: [Bug] Wrong language file used (Kyle_Katarn)
0003488: [Bug] Log of language + change (Kyle_Katarn)
0002932: [Refactoring] Update of "invalid licence" message (due to revocation machanism) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003616: [Refactoring] Updated Turkish translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2015-12-09
0003223: [New Feature] ALSR (Address space layout randomization) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003352: [Bug] Crash when click on "Refresh" after a FTP retrieval failure (Kyle_Katarn)
0003299: [Refactoring] Upgrade of internal JEDI Libraries (Kyle_Katarn)
0003263: [Bug] Windows 10 support in log file (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2015-03-29
0002734: [Bug] GUI problems with 120 DPI (Kyle_Katarn)
0002660: [Bug] Misdetection of Windows 8.1 (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2014-01-17
0002247: [New Feature] Windows 8.1 support in log file (Kyle_Katarn)
0002223: [New Feature] Log shall indicate if administrator rights are granted (Kyle_Katarn)
0002151: [New Feature] Estonian language support (Kyle_Katarn)
0001812: [Refactoring] Windows8 Detection in log files (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2012-05-17
0001551: [New Feature] FTP/Local buttons (to add/configure log file access) (Kyle_Katarn)
0001550: [Bug] Unable to "clear" log settings (Kyle_Katarn)
0001429: [Bug] Translation issues (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2012-03-31
0001181: [Bug] Filter Editor shall have an horizontal scroll bar. (Kyle_Katarn)
0001516: [Bug] Status bar not translated "on the fly" (Kyle_Katarn)
0001399: [Refactoring] More logged data about OS, system for troubleshooting (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2009-05-17
0001046: [New Feature] Log file (Kyle_Katarn)
0001026: [Refactoring] New dialog box for not registered users (Kyle_Katarn)
0001078: [Refactoring] FTP PASS command shall not appear in clear (security issue) (Kyle_Katarn)
0001064: [Bug] "&" removed in "Source" URL (context menu) (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2008-08-04
0000913: [Bug] Uninstall icon is incorrect, displays as recycling bin. (Kyle_Katarn)
0001022: [New Feature] More indications to be displayed while loading file (Kyle_Katarn)
0001025: [Bug] While loading, progress bar rolls over at 50% (Kyle_Katarn)
0001028: [Bug] Local files not created in a Vista-compliant path (Kyle_Katarn)
0001027: [Bug] Horizontal scrollbar not visible under Vista (Kyle_Katarn)
0001023: [Bug] On registration, ApHeMo has to be reloaded in order to remove limitation (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-12-23
0000658: [Refactoring] Shareware limitation improperly set (101 instead of 100) (Kyle_Katarn)
0000399: [New Feature] Status bar shall be added (Kyle_Katarn)
0000657: [Bug] Some captions / messages are not translated (Kyle_Katarn)
0000603: [Bug] Do not remember last selection with both FTP and Local files are set (Kyle_Katarn)
0000613: [Refactoring] Improved Vista compatibility (Kyle_Katarn)
0000656: [Bug] FTP : Improper file management (Kyle_Katarn)
0000422: [Refactoring] XP/Vista Manifest (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-07-23
0000396: [Bug] Typo : "Additionnel Info" -> "Additionnal Info" (Kyle_Katarn)
0000395: [Refactoring] Automatic Columns resizing (Kyle_Katarn)
0000394: [Bug] Incorrect default port / path (Kyle_Katarn)
0000390: [Bug] Crash if right click on empty log message list (Kyle_Katarn)
0000240: [New Feature] Translation support (Kyle_Katarn)
0000249: [Bug] Load from FTP shall have a progress bar (Kyle_Katarn)
0000292: [Bug] Load from FTP : Cancel button don't work (Kyle_Katarn)
0000293: [Bug] Load from FTP : "Port" text box should be labelled (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-07-12
0000253: [Refactoring] WhoIs should give more details (Kyle_Katarn)
0000252: [New Feature] When an entry contains a referer, it should be possible to acess it thru popup menu (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-07-10
0000247: [New Feature] It shall be possible to access log thru FTP (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-06-21
0000163: [Bug] Loading shall use multithreading in order to smooth ressources usage (Kyle_Katarn)
0000162: [Bug] Loading shall have a progress bar (Kyle_Katarn)
0000242: [New Feature] Add a "WhoIs" feature (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2007-02-01
0000241: [Bug] "Copy to clipboard" shall be added to the "Action" menu (Kyle_Katarn)
0000224: [Refactoring] Copy to clipboard shall work with multiple items selection (Kyle_Katarn)
0000238: [Bug] "Accept" shall work with multiple items selection (Kyle_Katarn)
0000239: [Bug] "Add to autofilter" shall work with multiple items selection (Kyle_Katarn)
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Released 2006-12-29
0000177: [Bug] "Unload" shall delete local file set (copy of active file) (Kyle_Katarn)
0000178: [Bug] Crash if an invalide (null) line is contained in the log file (Kyle_Katarn)
0000159: [Bug] On initial load, tabs are flashing but nothing is displayed (Kyle_Katarn)
0000176: [New Feature] "Unload" command (Kyle_Katarn)
0000158: [New Feature] Log file name should not be forced to "error.log" (Kyle_Katarn)
0000174: [New Feature] "Next" button in order to go to the next item to clear (Kyle_Katarn)
0000175: [Refactoring] Accepted item shall appear in light green (Kyle_Katarn)
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