Released 2008-08-09
0000690: [New Feature] Google Earth Cache shall be added (Kyle_Katarn)
0000691: [New Feature] XnView Cache shall be added (Kyle_Katarn)
0000701: [Bug] Some Sun / Java Installer cache not found by KCleaner v0.2 (Kyle_Katarn)
0000699: [New Feature] Google Updater Cache shall be added (Kyle_Katarn)
0000700: [Bug] Settings window shall have a fixed size (Kyle_Katarn)
0000689: [New Feature] Add a setting to have KCleaner activated once + closed on Windows startup (Kyle_Katarn)
0000695: [New Feature] "Minimize to Tray" shall be an option (Kyle_Katarn)
0000698: [New Feature] New setting : Expert mode by default (Kyle_Katarn)
0000680: [Bug] Default size is too small for Vista (Kyle_Katarn)
0000692: [Bug] Scroll bar and Icon too much on the right under Vista (Kyle_Katarn)
0000688: [Refactoring] Settings shall have OK / Cancel buttons (Kyle_Katarn)
0000685: [Bug] Columns caption not translated (Kyle_Katarn)
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