Released 2008-08-24
0000748: [Refactoring] Some Opera files are not cleaned (Kyle_Katarn)
0000749: [Refactoring] Opera Cache scanning performance (Kyle_Katarn)
0000747: [Refactoring] Java Deployment Cache to be cleaned (Kyle_Katarn)
0000746: [New Feature] Flash Cache to be cleared (Kyle_Katarn)
0000745: [New Feature] MSN .sqm to be cleared (Kyle_Katarn)
0000744: [New Feature] Trim files to 0 bytes in order to make recovery harder (Kyle_Katarn)
0000737: [New Feature] Baloon tooltip to be added when minimized in sys tray (Kyle_Katarn)
0000738: [Refactoring] New main icon (Kyle_Katarn)
0000743: [Bug] Checkboxes in settings not **perfectly** aligned (Kyle_Katarn)
0000739: [Bug] "Expert mode by default" too narrow for Dutch (Kyle_Katarn)
0000741: [Bug] after using KCleaner.....opening iTunes launches "windows installer" to configure iTunes. (Kyle_Katarn)
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