Released 2008-08-25
0000760: [Bug] "Done !" not in the list of items to be translated (Kyle_Katarn)
0000721: [New Feature] Meriadoc's code for Index.dat cleaning (Kyle_Katarn)
0000759: [Bug] Columns are shrinked if no result is found (Kyle_Katarn)
0000758: [New Feature] IE History cleaning (Kyle_Katarn)
0000757: [New Feature] Hotfixes Uninstall shall be cleaned (Kyle_Katarn)
0000756: [New Feature] Windows Log files shall be cleaned (Kyle_Katarn)
0000687: [Refactoring] Automatic mode shall have lowest process priority (Kyle_Katarn)
0000752: [Refactoring] C:\Documents and Settings\{User}\Contacts to be cleaned (Kyle_Katarn)
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