Scheduled For Release 2023-05-08
0007310: [New Feature] Recursively add GNUdb results (when more than 1 page of results) (KC_Softwares)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-10-03
0006976: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2023-03-26
0007393: [Refactoring] Update OpenSSL to 3.1.2 (KC_Softwares)
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2023-04-02
0007372: [Bug] Disk Shifts incorrectly reported as error (KC_Softwares)
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2023-03-09
0007268: [Refactoring] Update OpenSSL to 3.1.0 (KC_Softwares)
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2021-09-09
0006980: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
0006924: [Refactoring] Updated Hebrew translation (KC_Softwares)
0006913: [Refactoring] Updated French translation (KC_Softwares)
2 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (66%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2016-05-05
0004175: [Refactoring] Better Error 550 management (KC_Softwares)
0007345: [Refactoring] Dhtmled.ocx failure in Windows 8 / 10 / 11 (KC_Softwares)
0004417: [New Feature] Menu item for "Bug report" and "Change Log" (KC_Softwares)
0006232: [Refactoring] Updated Spanish translation (KC_Softwares)
1 of 4 issue(s) resolved. Progress (25%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2021-08-27
0006982: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
0006911: [Refactoring] Missing "settings" menu item (CTRL+S) (KC_Softwares)
0006926: [Refactoring] Updated Hebrew translation (KC_Softwares)
1 of 3 issue(s) resolved. Progress (33%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2022-07-10
0007109: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-04-02
0007282: [Refactoring] Updated Italian translation (KC_Softwares)
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2021-08-11
0006987: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2023-08-18
0007392: [Refactoring] Update OpenSSL to 3.1.2 (KC_Softwares)
0007391: [New Feature] Allow use of a "custom" SUMo server (KC_Softwares)
0007385: [Refactoring] Improve logging on export commands (KC_Softwares)
0007383: [New Feature] Custom Search Engine - Ecosia (KC_Softwares)
0006139: [New Feature] Custom search engine (KC_Softwares)
0007378: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for AMD Software (follow up of 0007370, 0007371) (KC_Softwares)
4 of 6 issue(s) resolved. Progress (66%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2025-08-01
0006512: [Bug] "FortiClient VPN" confused with "FortiClient" (KC_Softwares)
0006118: [Bug] EVPCAA0 by Elco Elettronica (should be detected as Stromab CT800) (KC_Softwares)
0007098: [Refactoring] Incorrect version reported for "Waterfox" (KC_Softwares)
0006825: [New Feature] SUMo should update itself before it starts scanning other software! (KC_Softwares)
0006703: [Bug] SUMo does not scan USB drives (KC_Softwares)
0004406: [Bug] Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless reporting and detection wrong (KC_Softwares)
0005858: [Bug] Is "Premium" licence correctly saved in "portable" settings ? (KC_Softwares)
0004829: [Bug] All parameter reset 1st time portable version is launched (KC_Softwares)
0000346: [New Feature] Scheduler (KC_Softwares)
0002149: [New Feature] Scheduled auto-checks with notifications (KC_Softwares)
0005361: [New Feature] Periodic scans in Pro version (KC_Softwares)
0001791: [Bug] SUMo is confusing the products "VideoReDo Plus" and "VideoReDo TVSuite" (KC_Softwares)
0004276: [Bug] SUMo reads wrong Comodo app (Comodo Firewall) (KC_Softwares)
0004588: [New Feature] Looking for update before scanning the computer (KC_Softwares)
0006397: [Bug] Wrong version for Trend Micro Security Agent Monitor (KC_Softwares)
0006800: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "ESET Endpoint Encryption" (KC_Softwares)
0007219: [Bug] Wrong version for spacedesk client and server (KC_Softwares)
0007337: [Refactoring] WebSite-Watcher - Filter out Additional Apps (KC_Softwares)
0005993: [New Feature] Feature Request: Option automatic exit without updates (KC_Softwares)
0007336: [Refactoring] Cheat Engine - Filter out Cheat Engine (32 bits) (KC_Softwares)
0006801: [Refactoring] I suggest change strings... about "startup" in settings (KC_Softwares)
0007013: [New Feature] "ignore" by path instead of name (KC_Softwares)
0006613: [Refactoring] SUMo icon and pin in start menu (KC_Softwares)
0004786: [New Feature] Skip all updates for a specific version (KC_Softwares)
0007089: [Bug] SUMo confuses "EaseUS Todo Backup Home / Free" with "EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation" AGAIN. (KC_Softwares)
0001666: [New Feature] It shall be possible to ignore a file path in addition to product / company (KC_Softwares)
0007011: [New Feature] Desktop Icon Size (KC_Softwares)
0007006: [Bug] EaseUS Todo Backup ENTERPRISE gets Update Notification about EaseUS Todo Backup HOME (KC_Softwares)
0005058: [Bug] Easeus Todo Backup (KC_Softwares)
0003506: [Bug] If dropping a file while working, then this file gets added on NEXT drop (KC_Softwares)
0006812: [Bug] OpenJDK Platform binary (64 bits) handling outdated due to too limited data model of product version (KC_Softwares)
0006329: [New Feature] counter of outstanding updates in taskbar (KC_Softwares)
0003527: [Refactoring] Unwanted window scroll after checking program entry (KC_Softwares)
0001620: [Refactoring] After single item is checked, item list is resorted by Update info column. (KC_Softwares)
0005815: [Bug] Can't delete from the list when popup menu Skip this uptdate -> For X (KC_Softwares)
0005389: [Refactoring] Keep in list but hide all updates. (KC_Softwares)
0005680: [New Feature] add "custom" to "skip that update for" (KC_Softwares)
0005485: [Bug] "Blocking action" feature still not documented after more than 11 years now (KC_Softwares)
0005344: [New Feature] If the Minimize to Taskbar option is checked, miminize to Taskbar when the CLOSE button is used (KC_Softwares)
0005606: [Bug] skip update context menu sometimes disabled !? (KC_Softwares)
0003971: [Refactoring] SUMo - Enhancements in the Settings (KC_Softwares)
0005678: [New Feature] Enable automatic updates for PRO versions of SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0004761: [Bug] Programs removed from ignore list remain ignored (KC_Softwares)
0005593: [New Feature] provide export feature to any internal list or report, in text and in CSV format (KC_Softwares)
0005502: [Bug] SUMo starting with incomplete report after loss of Pro license (KC_Softwares)
0005545: [New Feature] Resizable List Editors (KC_Softwares)
0000644: [New Feature] Remember Resized Column Widths (KC_Softwares)
0004402: [Bug] SUMo not retains columns' width after closing it. (KC_Softwares)
0005470: [Bug] SUMo Pro behaviour for component SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0005002: [Refactoring] current line lose focus after checking (KC_Softwares)
0004989: [Bug] Excel Export Error (KC_Softwares)
0004998: [New Feature] Add title row for export (KC_Softwares)
0005437: [Bug] wrong quoting in CSV table export (KC_Softwares)
0005458: [Refactoring] Merge the TWO option menus into one and redesign the merged one (KC_Softwares)
0005240: [New Feature] Have the display remain at the top when a program is CHECKed and is evaluated as up-to-date. (KC_Softwares)
0005103: [Bug] List refresh after NOT adding anything to list (KC_Softwares)
0005113: [Bug] Whole software list reloads during drag`n`drop new exe (KC_Softwares)
0005094: [New Feature] Focus list after checking/scanning (KC_Softwares)
0004467: [Bug] Unable to update Sumo (KC_Softwares)
0004668: [Bug] Several small problems in settings mask (language change) (KC_Softwares)
0004669: [Bug] Closing the form "Settings" won't discard all options (KC_Softwares)
0007046: [Bug] Falsche Versionsangaben bei DxO NIK Collection 5 (KC_Softwares)
0005514: [Bug] "Opera Browser" executable in "backup" folder shall be ignored (dependancy) (KC_Softwares)
0005832: [Refactoring] Suggestions for improving disk scan and "loading" step performance. (KC_Softwares)
0002851: [Bug] Update Permanently Ignored When Removed From Ignore List (KC_Softwares)
0007377: [Bug] "Grammarly" incorrect detection if multiple versions installed (KC_Softwares)
0005779: [Bug] Suspicion of Memory Leak (KC_Softwares)
0003179: [New Feature] Period background checks with tray notifications (PRO only) (KC_Softwares)
0004791: [Refactoring] SUMo portable shall not store files in user folder (KC_Softwares)
0004982: [New Feature] Automatic self-update shall have an option not to ask for user action (seemless silent update for PRO users) (KC_Softwares)
0005764: [New Feature] Automatic setting for Dark Theme (KC_Softwares)
0006192: [Refactoring] Improvement of company name extraction from Copyright info (KC_Softwares)
0006434: [Refactoring] Improve Retry/Timeout logics (currently not robust to single timeout with 1 server off) (KC_Softwares)
0006442: [Bug] Skipped list auto-cleanup wrongly assumes "sort by Product name" (KC_Softwares)
0006544: [New Feature] Link to software ChangeLogs from SUMo client / Web page (KC_Softwares)
0006558: [Refactoring] "Kaspersky Internet Security" detected as "Kaspersky Anti-Virus" (KC_Softwares)
0006668: [Refactoring] Enhanced Portable product detection method. (KC_Softwares)
0006698: [Refactoring] Redirect Auslogics "Integrator.exe" to the main exe (RegistryCleaner.exe, DuplicateFindFile.exe,....) (KC_Softwares)
0006724: [Refactoring] Security enhancement : server swap shall stay on HTTPS on first attempt (KC_Softwares)
0006854: [Bug] When "Ignoring" an item, SUMo should also remove all identical Product/Company items (KC_Softwares)
0006940: [Refactoring] Option to disable regular heartbeat to check server state (KC_Softwares)
0007053: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "ESET Internet Security (64 bits)" (KC_Softwares)
0007066: [Refactoring] Wrong version of LaunchyQT reported if Launchy is installed (and both Launchy and LaunchyQT merged as a single LaunchyQT line) (KC_Softwares)
0005841: [Refactoring] "Advanced System Care Pro" and "Advanced System Care Ultimate" both identified as "Advanced System Care" while versions differs (KC_Softwares)
0006420: [New Feature] Option to "merge" 32/64 bits variants of a same program (both entries in same folder) (KC_Softwares)
0005063: [Bug] SUMo confuses "EaseUS Todo Backup Home / Free" with "EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation" (KC_Softwares)
0007038: [Refactoring] Incorrect version reported for "Wire" (KC_Softwares)
0006834: [Bug] Incorrect version for Powershell "legacy" (hardcoded as 5.1) (KC_Softwares)
0006515: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "Grids (64 bits) by ThinkTime Creations" (KC_Softwares)
0005725: [Refactoring] SUMo should not allow to "skip" a version number lower or equal to the lowest one already installed (KC_Softwares)
0006443: [Refactoring] Skipped list auto-cleanup does not remove App/Company that are no longer in list (KC_Softwares)
0006410: [Bug] Licence gets rejected when server is out (CDN error,....) (KC_Softwares)
0005504: [New Feature] render additional folders list exportable (KC_Softwares)
0005934: [Refactoring] "Product by XX" should be renamed "Product" when company name starts with XX (KC_Softwares)
0006119: [Refactoring] release/build from NirLauncher not taken into account (KC_Softwares)
0005758: [New Feature] Missing Start Menu location (KC_Softwares)
0005912: [Refactoring] Incorrect management of modal dialog boxes (check, scan) when minimized (KC_Softwares)
0005911: [Refactoring] "New scan needed" pop-up on first execution after update to be made optional (KC_Softwares)
0005105: [Bug] When updating, Adobe Flash player disappear from the list (same for Java) until next scan (not detected by deep check) (KC_Softwares)
0005796: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for MediathekView (KC_Softwares)
0005667: [Refactoring] Accessibility improvement - blinking & frequency (KC_Softwares)
0004895: [Bug] Incorrect greyed "skip this update" (KC_Softwares)
0005067: [Bug] GetVersionFromUninstList* function does not take into account HKCU data (KC_Softwares)
0005398: [New Feature] Settings for "check and scan" requests from cloud (KC_Softwares)
0005536: [New Feature] Import a list of file path (KC_Softwares)
0005159: [Refactoring] When server refuses "check" due to UID not found, SUMo shall re-register Licence (KC_Softwares)
0005343: [New Feature] Error message when incorrect/empty account name (KC_Softwares)
0004313: [New Feature] Add scan to sys tray icon right click menu (KC_Softwares)
0005233: [New Feature] Tooltips to be added on main buttons (KC_Softwares)
0005154: [Bug] Wrong version reported for iCloud (KC_Softwares)
0004529: [Bug] Inconsistent product name for SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0004584: [Refactoring] Rollback on 0004580 (KC_Softwares)
0004477: [Refactoring] When receiving a banned uid feedback, should seed a new one a retry once (KC_Softwares)
0004431: [New Feature] Menu integration for other KC Software products (KC_Softwares)
0004198: [Bug] After removing items from "skipped items" list, SUMo shall propose to check again (KC_Softwares)
0004277: [New Feature] Allow to edit limit date for skipped apps in skipped items editor (KC_Softwares)
0 of 116 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2029-01-01
0006962: [Bug] Incorrect WordWeb Pro Version In Sumo (KC_Softwares)
0005589: [Refactoring] Multi Commander version and component reporting (KC_Softwares)
0004562: [Bug] OS Display magnification causes text truncation on bottom status bar (KC_Softwares)
0006661: [Bug] Blurry UI (KC_Softwares)
0006037: [Bug] Bugs in AutoCAD 2017 version check (KC_Softwares)
0004608: [Bug] Xmind not recognized properly (KC_Softwares)
0006562: [Refactoring] Should not enable ProxyAuth with no credentials (KC_Softwares)
0005527: [Bug] SUMo server looses Strawberry Perl product name and version records within less than 3 hours (KC_Softwares)
0003539: [Bug] Bug barre verte SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0004161: [Refactoring] Inconsistent / empty company name for "ABRITES" (KC_Softwares)
0004170: [Refactoring] "HP Support Assistant" to be filtered out (device dependant) (KC_Softwares)
0003059: [Refactoring] Message not translated in Danish (KC_Softwares)
0002780: [Bug] SUMo reports misreports the version of Shockwave (KC_Softwares)
0002716: [New Feature] XAMPP support
0007380: [New Feature] System Variables in Additional Folders / Excluded Folders (KC_Softwares)
0007365: [New Feature] Mark a product (line) as EOL (KC_Softwares)
0003435: [New Feature] Show Icons of installed applications (KC_Softwares)
0004285: [New Feature] Replace the Application Icon (KC_Softwares)
0004041: [Refactoring] Refactoring - Suggestions for the new UI (KC_Softwares)
0006154: [Bug] Wrong character encoding for Slovenian language (KC_Softwares)
0006117: [New Feature] SUMo won't load files with Unicode chars in file path or name. (KC_Softwares)
0003952: [New Feature] Pie-Chart of System Status (KC_Softwares)
0006815: [New Feature] Please change the specification to auto-adjust all cell widths or do nothing. (KC_Softwares)
0007218: [Bug] Incorrect taskbar thumbnail preview (KC_Softwares)
0003486: [Bug] Windows 10 - UI-Elements not repainted at <Alt>+<Tab> (KC_Softwares)
0006795: [Bug] Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable(s) version is(are) not detected at all. (KC_Softwares)
0000556: [New Feature] Remove the Loading, Checking, and Scanning Pop-Up Windows (KC_Softwares)
0005480: [New Feature] Please extent the command line mode with the reporting and the scanning feature distinguished by different switches (KC_Softwares)
0005479: [Bug] command line mode with standard help switch doesn't work as expected
0000565: [New Feature] Command line support (KC_Softwares)
0006956: [Bug] Dark theme in Windows 11 doesn't work like it should (KC_Softwares)
0006946: [New Feature] How about adding a link to Uninstall in the right-click menu? (KC_Softwares)
0004336: [New Feature] Please give notice about new version of SUMo before loading the list. (KC_Softwares)
0005478: [Bug] display of text in status line (HiDPI) (KC_Softwares)
0003660: [Bug] Bug: SUMo retains programs from added, then removed, locations (KC_Softwares)
0005001: [Bug] wrong behaviour with additional folders (KC_Softwares)
0003638: [New Feature] Suggestion: Add note to ignore entries (KC_Softwares)
0005584: [New Feature] Provide a search and a sort option to ignore list popup Window (KC_Softwares)
0002373: [New Feature] Reporting when multiple versions of same product installed (KC_Softwares)
0005838: [Bug] Logitech SetPoint - Handling 32-Bit / 64-Bit wrong (KC_Softwares)
0006518: [Bug] Missing feedback to user + multithreading needed for "removing items" (KC_Softwares)
0006667: [Bug] SUMo "freezes" (very long processing) when loading large list of 6000+ entries (KC_Softwares)
0004322: [New Feature] Update with Chocolatey (KC_Softwares)
0006507: [New Feature] Ignore major updates only (KC_Softwares)
0006126: [Bug] Help-SUMo Help and Uninstallation Instructions menu choice goes to a page with no mention of uninstall (KC_Softwares)
0006107: [New Feature] SUMo check delay (KC_Softwares)
0004671: [New Feature] Filter or sort by File Path or filter by not updated applications (KC_Softwares)
0004113: [Bug] Click on the Counters for filtering, not only sorting (KC_Softwares)
0004771: [New Feature] SUMo automatic update for portable version (KC_Softwares)
0005835: [New Feature] Start SUMo at the login screen (KC_Softwares)
0005496: [Refactoring] Sysinternals company name consolidation / rationalization
0003190: [Refactoring] Persistent user-set sorting (KC_Softwares)
0005416: [New Feature] Make the initial sort order of final report configurable (KC_Softwares)
0005655: [Bug] When querying SUMo server for a false major update record, it reports needing an update (KC_Softwares)
0001616: [New Feature] "Number of users" column (KC_Softwares)
0005604: [Bug] fix silent rewrite of skip list (KC_Softwares)
0005596: [Refactoring] Optimize SUMo startup (KC_Softwares)
0005600: [New Feature] Add record number and count for display of internal lists (KC_Softwares)
0005542: [Refactoring] provide other logging options for verbose mode storage location (KC_Softwares)
0005586: [New Feature] Suggestion: Add check action to ignore list (KC_Softwares)
0005585: [New Feature] Suggestion: Add note to list entries (KC_Softwares)
0005477: [Bug] Change window width of popup windows for checking and scanning to the width of main window so that the whole text becomes readab (KC_Softwares)
0002757: [Refactoring] Sizeable "loading results" windows (KC_Softwares)
0005541: [Bug] scan action takes very long without any display changes (KC_Softwares)
0005519: [Bug] inappropriate, unfortunate and misleading word resp. term "available" in SUMo check report (KC_Softwares)
0003424: [New Feature] New optional column "Download page" [PRO only] (KC_Softwares)
0004983: [Bug] Info about beta updates (specific symbology) (KC_Softwares)
0001881: [New Feature] Indication of last scan / last check (KC_Softwares)
0005438: [New Feature] change the behaviour or configuration option for the export feature (KC_Softwares)
0005114: [New Feature] Option to hide Company column (KC_Softwares)
0005107: [New Feature] "Don't show anymore" option in Ignore dialog when removing (KC_Softwares)
0002987: [New Feature] Custom Font
0001984: [New Feature] Add the opportunity to differentate "Beta" versions (KC_Softwares)
0001794: [New Feature] Display of beta updates on client side (KC_Softwares)
0004957: [New Feature] Postpone check of new version for all items (KC_Softwares)
0000438: [Refactoring] Export to HTML (KC_Softwares)
0001592: [Refactoring] HTML export format (KC_Softwares)
0004796: [New Feature] Error message when Add fails (KC_Softwares)
0004593: [New Feature] Mark entries with skipped updates in main window (KC_Softwares)
0004767: [New Feature] if a program is set as "ignore update ......" the status/Update field should reflect this (KC_Softwares)
0003329: [Bug] Realtek HD audio drivers not up to date (KC_Softwares)
0004310: [Bug] Corel DRAW 2017 uses out of sequence version numbers SUMo thinks it's outdated (KC_Softwares)
0004178: [Bug] Skip this Update for x (KC_Softwares)
0003844: [Bug] CAM software version incorrect. (KC_Softwares)
0003024: [New Feature] Custom scan profiles (KC_Softwares)
0003100: [New Feature] translaton (KC_Softwares)
0003625: [New Feature] Jottacloud (KC_Softwares)
0001912: [Bug] When a single file is drag'n'dropped and then rejected, reason is not displayed to user (KC_Softwares)
0003441: [Bug] Entry not selected after check for updates (KC_Softwares)
0003569: [Bug] Duplicate entry when SUMO is sandboxed. (KC_Softwares)
0001665: [Refactoring] Skip this update menu should display version number of concerned update (KC_Softwares)
0002281: [Refactoring] Automatic scan-First run (KC_Softwares)
0003035: [Bug] Hearstone (KC_Softwares)
0004168: [Bug] Licence invalidated when main licence server is in maintenance (KC_Softwares)
0003363: [Bug] Windows 10 - Icon in Alt+Tab‏ (KC_Softwares)
0003362: [New Feature] Ignore Major Version (KC_Softwares)
0003624: [New Feature] Allow PRO users to enter a custom update URL (KC_Softwares)
0003456: [New Feature] Show HW Specific Software (KC_Softwares)
0002950: [Refactoring] Licence serial number encoding when stored
0003004: [New Feature] Auto-update for portable version of SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0003360: [New Feature] Additional Status Counter for "Ignored" (KC_Softwares)
0002924: [New Feature] Auto-update for other KC Softwares product (KC_Softwares)
0002931: [New Feature] Alternate download source for Autoupdate (KC_Softwares)
0007381: [New Feature] Import/Export parameters (KC_Softwares)
0005714: [New Feature] Specific list of End of Life products (KC_Softwares)
0006727: [New Feature] Load balancing settings (KC_Softwares)
0003409: [Bug] In Windows 10 Alt/Tab, wrong window displayed for SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0007040: [New Feature] Integration of Scoop for Search/Deployment (KC_Softwares)
0006521: [New Feature] Integration of Chocolatey for Search/Deployment (KC_Softwares)
0006520: [New Feature] Integration of Winget for Search/Deployment (KC_Softwares)
0005268: [New Feature] Ability to Uninstall product from SUMo (right click menu item) (KC_Softwares)
0004338: [New Feature] HiDPI issues (KC_Softwares)
0006098: [New Feature] Custom list font size setting (for HiDPI screens) (KC_Softwares)
0006568: [Refactoring] Incorrect identification of "AOMEI Backupper Standard 5.3 v5.3.0.0 by AOMEI Technology Co., Ltd." (KC_Softwares)
0005544: [Bug] Log file saturation when licence server does not answer (KC_Softwares)
0005672: [Refactoring] Make Skipped/Ignore list editor window sizeable (KC_Softwares)
0005652: [New Feature] Pause/Resume function for Scan & check (KC_Softwares)
0003766: [Refactoring] Be able to minimize SUMo while scanning / checking (KC_Softwares)
0003767: [New Feature] If "Minimize to system tray"-option is checked, closure of SUMo's window would just minimize SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0004151: [Refactoring] Closing with "X" should minimize SUMo (KC_Softwares)
0005329: [Refactoring] Move Additional & Excluded Folders to Tools menu (similar to Ignore/Skip list) for consistency (KC_Softwares)
0004470: [Refactoring] "D'Artagnan vulnerability" fix (part II : Item check) (KC_Softwares)
0004908: [Refactoring] When SUMo is set for "minimize to tray", closure shall minimize, not terminate (KC_Softwares)
0004887: [Refactoring] Resizable list editor windows (KC_Softwares)
0003040: [New Feature] show in the column "Update" the text "Skipped for x months" (KC_Softwares)
0003364: [New Feature] Assistant (KC_Softwares)
0003041: [New Feature] allow to un-skip skipped apps (KC_Softwares)
0003039: [New Feature] Special symbol for skipped apps (KC_Softwares)
0004244: [Bug] "Freemake" products wrong detection (KC_Softwares)
0004169: [Bug] Progress bar still displayed at 0% in task bar when idle (KC_Softwares)
0004167: [Bug] KeyText by MJMSoft Design Limited v3.2 reported as 6.2 (KC_Softwares)
0003508: [New Feature] re-enable the option "Disable Drivers Scan" for registered users (KC_Softwares)
0003805: [New Feature] "Boost mode" on check window (KC_Softwares)
0003986: [Refactoring] Merge of Delete/Ignore/Skip function : Hide update (KC_Softwares)
0002364: [Bug] Some Glary Utilities subproducts shall be idenfied as Glary Utilitie (KC_Softwares)
0003953: [Refactoring] Remove wizard and automatically launch a scan on a new system (KC_Softwares)
0003474: [New Feature] Capability to hide "unable to load the following files..." dialog after scan (settings, PRO only) (KC_Softwares)
0 of 137 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2030-01-01
0004789: [Bug] The Jump Desktop Connect with the red circle and ! is actually on version if you need to verify this here you go. (KC_Softwares)
0005492: [Bug] SUMo cannot add folder for the Windows Admin Center plug-ins to its scanning folders (KC_Softwares)
0007386: [New Feature] Option to Export also Column Headers (KC_Softwares)
0007387: [New Feature] Option to see Large Icons (KC_Softwares)
0000965: [New Feature] Possibility to use a non-default Web browser (KC_Softwares)
0007331: [New Feature] provide 64bit version (KC_Softwares)
0001631: [New Feature] Embedded "Search for software" function (KC_Softwares)
0007384: [New Feature] SUMo Portable - Structure Portable Folder (KC_Softwares)
0007334: [New Feature] Detection Scripting Language (KC_Softwares)
0007379: [New Feature] Quickly Exclude Additional Folders / Excluded Folders (KC_Softwares)
0007347: [New Feature] Personal separate ranking from the Minor and Major list of updates not immediately necessary (KC_Softwares)
0006606: [Bug] Distinguish Libreoffice "still" and "fresh" branches (KC_Softwares)
0007287: [New Feature] Bundle Applications (KC_Softwares)
0007009: [Bug] Unicode (KC_Softwares)
0007213: [Bug] "Run Now" start path is wrong (KC_Softwares)
0001617: [Refactoring] OS version dependency of latest version (KC_Softwares)
0007122: [New Feature] an option to specify my own updating addresses for every software, stored locally (KC_Softwares)
0003951: [New Feature] Windows Updates (KC_Softwares)
0003972: [New Feature] App Launcher (KC_Softwares)
0002000: [Bug] SUMo should only recommend latest update for os installed! (KC_Softwares)
0003963: [New Feature] Additional Status Icon‏ (KC_Softwares)
0004784: [Bug] Scan will show different results (KC_Softwares)
0004805: [New Feature] Flag for internal updater (KC_Softwares)
0005983: [New Feature] Option for users to make pin above and name folders/categories or column for example EVERYDAY, GAME UTILITIES, WORK (KC_Softwares)
0005985: [New Feature] Java jar applications support (KC_Softwares)
0005823: [Bug] SUMO doesn't respond to Multi Monitor Setup and Stuck on Default Display (KC_Softwares)
0005782: [New Feature] 'Company' could fall back to name provided in digital signature for program if otherwise missing (KC_Softwares)
0005769: [Bug] SuMo blocks other activity during initial scan (KC_Softwares)
0005481: [Bug] multiple instances of SUMo running leads to loss of registration (KC_Softwares)
0005696: [Bug] "Report Beta" feature doesn't work! (KC_Softwares)
0004305: [Bug] Users who don't use an email client (and who rely on webmail services only) apparently can't report errors and betas (KC_Softwares)
0005491: [Bug] SUMo doesn't find the Windows Admin Center nor its plug-ins (KC_Softwares)
0005587: [New Feature] differentiate scanning and reporting levels and make them configurable (KC_Softwares)
0005442: [New Feature] create an additional report view hierarchical and a configuration option to switch between the current and the new view (KC_Softwares)
0005533: [Refactoring] Product name consolidation of Microsoft products
0005528: [Refactoring] Render Microsoft product reporting more reliable with improved distinction between beta and release, and scanning vs reporting (KC_Softwares)
0005490: [Bug] SUmo doesn't find the management consoles (KC_Softwares)
0004591: [New Feature] Shown updates if there are several version of the same program installed (KC_Softwares)
0005003: [New Feature] Add info about update date (KC_Softwares)
0004827: [New Feature] List number of users (KC_Softwares)
0004826: [New Feature] Report updates only for present OS (KC_Softwares)
0000859: [New Feature] Give user control over update report threshold (KC_Softwares)
0005476: [New Feature] extent SUMo for offline service and enable it to operate on behalf of an offline device instead of just its own device
0001260: [New Feature] Per software beta version (de)activation (KC_Softwares)
0004913: [New Feature] Snapshot support (KC_Softwares)
0004788: [New Feature] Marking products with skipped updates (KC_Softwares)
0004353: [New Feature] Allow report of beta using form (KC_Softwares)
0004589: [New Feature] More options for ignore list (KC_Softwares)
0004561: [New Feature] Font increase (KC_Softwares)
0004587: [Bug] Cannot cancel loading products (KC_Softwares)
0004321: [New Feature] Option not to load list at startup (KC_Softwares)
0002556: [Bug] Unable to minimize when scanning for updates (KC_Softwares)
0003809: [Bug] Counting symbolic links twice. (KC_Softwares)
0004045: [New Feature] Ability to completely disable extra windows - Use only the main interface (KC_Softwares)
0003140: [New Feature] Dynamic "allow beta" setting (KC_Softwares)
0006523: [Bug] 4th digit higher than max 32bit integer not supported (coded as 0) (KC_Softwares)
0006626: [Refactoring] Trailing "build xxx" shall be removed (when xxx is a number) (KC_Softwares)
0005520: [Bug] UTF-8 for worldwide language support (KC_Softwares)
0004319: [Bug] Wrong server status reported while Router is restarting (KC_Softwares)
0005675: [New Feature] provide other logging options for verbose mode (KC_Softwares)
0004320: [Bug] Multiple "wait for end of auto check" logged (KC_Softwares)
0003596: [Refactoring] Company names cleanup (KC_Softwares)
0003949: [New Feature] Fully automatic bug/beta report for "PRO" users (KC_Softwares)
0002969: [New Feature] Twitter button on thank you page (KC_Softwares)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-10-16
0006988: [Bug] Update ICS library to 8.70 and OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-02-05
0007228: [Refactoring] Update OpenSSL to 3.1.1 (KC_Softwares)
0007216: [Refactoring] Updated German translation (KC_Softwares)
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