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0002364SUMoBugpublic2016-09-30 19:46
ReporterJR Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0002364: Some Glary Utilities subproducts shall be idenfied as Glary Utilitie
DescriptionAn incorrect version number (the Glary Utilities version number) is suggested for 4 Glary Utilities subproducts (called "BootDefrag.exe").

Glary Utilities version:
4 "Bootdefrag.exe" real version:

Please refer to the attached picture for further details.
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2013-11-30 19:17


sumo_reported_bug.png (27,609 bytes)   
sumo_reported_bug.png (27,609 bytes)   


2015-05-23 22:06

administrator   ~0001879

Is this still present ?


2015-05-23 22:06

administrator   ~0001880

Please attach log too


2015-06-28 04:05


glary_utilities.png (69,675 bytes)   
glary_utilities.png (69,675 bytes)   


2015-06-28 04:10

reporter   ~0001903

Yes this is still present (checked with SUMo

- All components for Glary Utilities are considered as up-to-date, except for BootDefrag and RegBootDefrag ones.
- versions of x64 components involved are supposed to match with version of Glary Utilities.
- versions of x86 components involved are supposed to match with version of Glary Utilities (this is Glary Utilities' last version).

- Besides, version of another component (used by Glarysoft Update detector, not by Glary Utilities) is supposed to match with last version of Glary Utilities.

Please refer to attachment for further details.


2016-09-24 23:33

reporter   ~0002490

Just a short analysis (maybe it is not useful...):

- All impacted binaries are located in the same folder (...\Native).
- One of these, which is considered as the only one up-to-date by SUMO, has a different name: REGBootDefrag.exe (other binaries names are BootDefrag.exe).
- Some of them are x86 binaries, and their version are compared with correct version of Glary Utilities product (whose last version is
- Other ones are x64 binaries, and their version are compared with correct version of REGBootDefrag.exe.

Hope this helps to fix this bug.

See last attachment for further details.


2016-09-24 23:34


GU_analysis.png (75,064 bytes)   
GU_analysis.png (75,064 bytes)   


2016-09-25 08:31

administrator   ~0002491

thanks !

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