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0002526SUMoBugpublic2021-02-11 22:04
ReporterFreeze Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1 Pro
Product Version3.10.8 
Summary0002526: Logitech Setpoint incorrect version detected
DescriptionSUMo detects Logitech SetPoint as v5.60.73, detection is based on LDPInst.exe file version. All files in installation directory are the same version.

Current installed (removed and re-installed to clear folder) version is v6.61.15.0

It seems that Logitech is distributing files with old version data, yet SUMo somehow knows there is a newer version. Can version detection on this Logitech Setpoint software be made better?
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2014-05-24 15:01

administrator   ~0001649

Please post list of files and point out which one is correct and i'll tune algorithm.


2014-05-25 12:06

reporter   ~0001650

Logitech Mouse/keyboard driver install folder: %CommonProgramFiles%\logishrd\CDDRV3
Logitech SetPoint install folder: %ProgramFiles%\Logitech\SetPointP --> SetPoint.exe

The SetPoint software is actually v6.61.5, but the driver is v5.60.73. Looking at all the files inside the driver install folder, I can't find any files with version data v6.61.5 - they all vary between and

The "Logitech SetPoint (64 bits)" as labelled by SUMo has version data v6.61.5 embedded in file "SetPoint.exe". Note: although file description says "Logitech SetPoint Event Manager" it's actually the application also used to modify SetPoint configuration.


2020-11-14 21:44

administrator   ~0004083

Which one if the correct exe holding the right version info ?

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