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0002902SUMoBugpublic2021-04-05 20:21
ReporterJohan L Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWin 7 
Product Version3.14 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0002902: Skip update not remembered
DescriptionI have both the last 1:st gen Avidemux (some other functions than newer versions) and 2:nd gen 2.6 Avidemux installed, and sumo always mark a new update available for even though I set it to "Skip this update" every time. A bit irritating, but not deal breaking obviously.
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related to 0002816 closedKyle_Katarn Removing old items in skippd version list when newer version is detected as installed 
related to 0003150 resolvedKyle_Katarn "Removing useless skipped item : xxx" shall indicate version number 



2015-06-21 15:08

administrator   ~0001896

Please attach log file

Johan L

2015-06-21 23:01


SUMo_startup.log (16,094 bytes)

Johan L

2015-06-21 23:27

reporter   ~0001897

Added the log file.

Just noticed that I don't have to restart sumo to get it to display an update - if I select "Skip this update" for Avidemux 2.5.6, and then just click "Check" right away again, it pops back immediately and say an update is available. I tried the same with an other program that also had an update, and the update didn't show, as wanted and expected.

I then looked around and found the SUMo.skipped file - an Avidemux line is created when selecting it to be skipped, but when clicking "Check" it is removed from SUMo.skipped. "Debug mode" seem to give some more info in the log file, so I enabled that and will attach a second log from when doing a "Check" right after skipping.

Johan L

2015-06-21 23:27


SUMo_debug_check.log (62,315 bytes)


2015-06-22 20:43

administrator   ~0001900

It is probably due to the fact that you're already have a newer version installed (which "cleans" request for skipping 2.6).

I'll check in the code.

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