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0003024SUMoNew Featurepublic2016-07-10 23:40
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Summary0003024: Custom scan profiles
DescriptionI have some applications installed (on C:\).
And I also have some Portable Apps installed (on D:\PortableApps)
And I also have some games installed (on E:\)

I can add the folders D:\PortableApps and E:\ manually in the configuration, but then a scan takes a long time.
So I always have to remove those folders, do a scan of my installed applications and then add D:\PortableApps again when I want to scan my Portable Apps.
Same for games.
I often have to add and remove those folders.


Let me define scan packages, where each package can have multiple folders.

Here I would define the following packages:

    Installed Applications (folder C:\)

    Portable Applications (folder D:\PortableApps)
    All Applications (folders C:\ and D:\PortableApps)
    Games (folder E:\)
    Complete System (folders C:\ and D:\PortableApps and E:\)

In the GUI of SUMo let me select the package from a Drop-Down-Listbox.

This feature would really save much time in scanning my system.
I can scan only my installed apps (very important task) and this is done very quickly.
I also can scan only my portable apps (without the installed apps) without having to modify anything in the configuration.
When I have enough time I do a full system scan.

I really hope you like this idea and also implement it.
Because at the moment I have to add and remove folders very often.
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2016-07-10 17:43

reporter   ~0002446

I have a very simple solution for this issue.
In the settings in the dialog "Custom Folders" add the buttons "Load" and "Save".
When I have set up some folders in the list, I can save them as a user-defined setting.

None.custofolders.db (contains only the installed applications)
PortableApps.custofolders.db (installed applications + portable apps)
Games.custofolders.db (installed applications + games)
All.db (installed applications + portable apps + games)

With the button "Load" I can select the profile I want to use.


2016-07-10 17:47

reporter   ~0002447

This is so easy to implement, that this can be implemented in the next version.

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