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Summary0003179: Period background checks with tray notifications (PRO only)
DescriptionPeriod background checks with tray notifications (PRO only)
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2015-12-12 14:54

reporter   ~0002159

Last edited: 2016-01-01 22:52

I reported this suggestion by email, here the complete text:

Let the user automatically start SUMo with windows.
SUMo runs in the background (minimized to the system tray).
Let the user specify a check interval (default: once per week).
Here the user can specify other intervals (like once per day, every [edit field] hours, every [edit field] days).

If the time interval is reached, then SUMo checks in the background for updates (very important: SUMo should use very less system resources here).

When there is a new update, that was not listed before, show a notification (also in the Windows 10 message center).

"New Update that is not listed before" means:
When SUMo reports me yesterday 10 updates and today two new updates are found (so I have 12 updates in my list) then show a message for the 2 new updates.


2016-01-01 22:45



2016-01-01 22:48

reporter   ~0002186

Last edited: 2016-01-01 22:48

The "Kaspersky Software Updater" is really a poor tool, absolutely crap.
It finds no updates for my installed applications, SUMo found 20.

But on their homepage I found an image (see attached file).
This image shows a notification window, when a new update was found.
In this window you see that there are also the buttons "Remind me later" and "Details".

Such a notification window would be useful for SUMo.
Also the two buttons.


2016-01-01 23:12

administrator   ~0002187



2016-01-02 16:10

reporter   ~0002190

Maybe you should try "Kaspersky Software Updater" and "Update Star" in a VM.
There you get many useful ideas :-)


2016-01-02 18:18

administrator   ~0002193

OK !


2016-02-28 01:06

administrator   ~0002300

Requested again !


2016-09-23 15:10

reporter   ~0002485

I read on a German PC magazine that Kaspersky implemented an software updater in Kaspersky Total Security 2017:

So Kaspersky implemented the "Kaspersky Software Updater" in their products!
I downloaded the stand-alone version and tested it.

Here you see how this is working (I stay at SUMo, I write this so you get some new ideas).

The "Kaspersky Software Updater" starts at Windows startup, users see a small icon in the system tray.
It automatically checks for available updates in the background.
If there are updates available, the "Kaspersky Software Updater" shows a notification window.
In this window users see a large counter and the text "2 Updated Found".
There are the buttons "Remind me later" (where you can choose a delay) and "Details".
See KasperskySoftwareUpdater_01_Notification.png

When you click on "Details" then a window opens where you see more details.
In this window you see the large counter again, but also a list of applications and the new (available) version number.
In front of each application there is a checkbox where you can select the entry.
Above the list there is a checkbox to select all entries.
Behind each application there is also a link to the License Information.
As soon as you have at least one entry selected, the button "Update" gets enabled.
See KasperskySoftwareUpdater_02_AvailableUpdates.png

After you pressed on "Update" the download starts.
Behind the application name and version you see the text "(Downloading Files)".
The big counter at the top is replaced with an "Moving Circle" animation.
Below this animation you see the text "Installation in Progress...." and a percentage.
See KasperskySoftwareUpdater_03_Download.png

After the download the installation starts automatically.
Behind the application name there is the text "Installing".
Here the normal "Setup.exe" (the installer) is executed, so you see some dialogs where you need to interact.
See KasperskySoftwareUpdater_04_Installation.png


2016-09-23 15:10



2016-09-23 15:10



2016-09-23 15:11



2016-09-23 15:11



2017-03-25 14:33

reporter   ~0002570

The Kaspersky Software Updater is out of beta now and has some changes in the UI.
Please download and test the current version and adapt this to SUMo


2017-03-25 15:02

administrator   ~0002573



2017-09-12 22:19

reporter   ~0002678

This feature would be awesome because SUMo would run in the background and scan for updates automatically and alert me about new updates (show available updates in a popup notification).
Add in the settings two time periods for:
- automatic scan for new software (default value: 2 days)
- automatic check for new updates (default value: 1 day)

So PLEASE implement this soon!
Thank you!


2018-03-18 13:35

reporter   ~0002817

Can you please change the Reporter to me, so I see this issue in the view "Reported by me".
Thank you !


2018-03-18 22:08

administrator   ~0002831

This one is being strongly requested these days. I'll investigate asap !


2019-05-16 20:14

reporter   ~0003301

What was strongly requested?
The update of the reporter field or the periodic background checks?

I also observed that Kyle sometimes creates new issues due to reports in the forum, sometimes asks the user to open such a new issue himself. There are users who are registered only in forum and hence cannot create a new issue. And I don't know if Kyle always remembers which users are actively participating in both platforms (forum and MantiBT) sometimes with different names. So for those not registered, it sounds a conveniant service not to loose an idea. As I'm registered in both platforms, I prefer also to open new issues myself. And the last times, Kyle provided feedback when he created directly a new issue supplying the URL resp. ID of the new issue. It happens that for one post in the forum Kyle opens several issues in MantisBT. Sometimes he is specific enough to ask to create them separately myself. In order not to loose such issues not created by myself although either reported by myself in forum or annotated an already existing issue, I started to use the monitor issue feature of MantisBT. I'm currently lloking around which issues I missed tagging for monitoring.


2019-05-16 20:18

reporter   ~0003302

The strongly reqested feature is the periodic background checks (as you can see also in the title of this issue)


2019-05-16 20:48

administrator   ~0003304

Last edited: 2019-05-16 20:49

@OLLI_S , would the use on a scheduler on SUMo online dashboard side be an acceptable implementation with regard to your need ? This may be quicker to achieve compared to build-in scheduler on client side.


2019-05-16 21:02

reporter   ~0003307

@Kyle_Katarn Yes, that would be a cool option.

But you should show the info, that there is an update available, to the user.
Let's say that SUMo finds 5 updates and informs me in the dashboard that 5 updates are available.
At the next automatic scan SUMo finds a new update (the 6th app), then it should say in the dashboard, that there are 6 updates available and show a notification window (in the dashboard) that one new update was found.

When you also show the list of apps in the dashboard (the same list that SUMo shows) then you should show the name of the app in the notification window.
So If there are 5 updates available, you show in the dashboard the counter 5 and the list of the 5 apps.
If a 6th update is found, then you show in the notification window that there is one new update found for "Application".

The notification window could be like this (here two new updated are found):

There are 3 new updates available:
- SUMo (
- Steam (
- Application (Available Version)


2019-05-16 21:13

administrator   ~0003308

OK, i'll see whether this is possible or not.
Thanks !

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