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0003364SUMoNew Featurepublic2018-03-18 13:32
ReporterOLLI_S Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version4.2.3 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0003364: Assistant
DescriptionShow at the first start of SUMo an Assistant that is more powerful that the current Wizard.

This assistant can for example promote the new "Get Update" feature (tell the user that he can download updates now from the Developer website).
This way you can promote the PRO feature.

The "Curse Client" (a tool for games) offers such an assistant (see the attached screenshots, I just added tow pages of the Curse Client Assistant).

This Assistant can guide the user though the settings (explain them), like you see in the screen shot "Curse_Client_Assistant_1.png".
But this assistant can also promote some PRO features (like you see in the screen shot "Curse_Client_Assistant_1.png").

For SUMo I would also love to see such an assistant.
Would increase the usability a lot!
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2015-12-12 15:50


Curse_Client_Assistant_1.png (48,752 bytes)   
Curse_Client_Assistant_1.png (48,752 bytes)   


2015-12-12 15:51


Curse_Client_Assistant_2.png (120,295 bytes)   
Curse_Client_Assistant_2.png (120,295 bytes)   


2018-03-18 13:32

reporter   ~0002816

An assistant would be perfect for new users.
It could be one window where you have multiple steps (like in the first screenshot) and where the current step is in bild font.
Or only one step visible at each window (as you see in the second screen shot).

In the toolbar add a new icon left to "Check" called "Assistant".
If the list of monitored apps is empty (SUMo started for the first time) show the assistant automatically.

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