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0003456SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-04-21 22:52
ReporterOLLI_S Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformWindowsOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version10
Product Version4.2.6 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0003456: Show HW Specific Software
DescriptionSome Hardware-Specific Applications are filtered out (not shown) in SUMo.
Example: Canon MP Navigator EX (0002806)

Here SUMo is not consistent, because the following entries are shown in SUMo:
- Canon Easy-PhotoPrint EX (a tool for printing photos and calenders)
- Canon Solution Menu EX (a tool so access all printer tools in one surface)

If a user buys a printer then he also has these tools installed.
And then he also should get informed about updates of his installed software.
So you just inform about updates of an already installed product.

You wrote:
I had to filter it out because too many users complained that this one was "printer device dependant" : some old printers were not supporting the new versions

Show the update, but show a special icon (or text) that tells the user that the new version might not work with their hardware.
If the hardware is compatible, users will be happy (they get informed about new versions).
If the hardware is NOT compatible, then users see the warning and ignore the update.

It is not good to have an update manager that ignores updates.
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2016-01-06 22:15

administrator   ~0002223

This i'd propose to filter out ALL of them, but to add a setting to disable this filter. Right ?


2016-01-06 22:36

reporter   ~0002224

Yes, would be cool to have an option:
"Show Hardware Related applications (Caution: for your hardware not all versions of a software may work, so please check this out at the manufacturer website)"

If I have checked this option, then show either "(Hardware Related)" behind the name OR show a special icon in the column "Update".


2016-01-07 21:19

administrator   ~0002230

Confirmed !


2018-04-04 20:52

reporter   ~0002863

These tools don't come with the printer. They are available for various printers of the manufacturer. So there is some indirect dependency between device model and tool availability. I manually downloaded them. One doesn't seem to be anymore available at least for one version of windows, but perhaps for an older version still available. And SUMo reports all of these installed versions. Only the Canon IJ Scan Utility, I could not update and find for my actual operating system Windows 10 although SUMo specifies a more recent version availble, without specifying the Windows version supported.


2018-04-04 21:01

administrator   ~0002864

Thanks !


2019-04-20 20:38

reporter   ~0003238

I'm also in favor for such a solution with configuration option.

And concerning such a warning about compatibility issues related either to operating system version or hardware, I don't care about it. The design of SUMO implies that any user should have his own process to check such issues as SUMO doesn't do it for the user, by design. When SUMO becomes more wide spread such a warning might become important for less experienced users and be a reminder to the experienced ones. Take a look at Intel software for an example about complex dependencies. This application publisher publishes these dependencies on the download page and provides some kind of more abstract summary by some support tools.


2019-04-21 22:52

administrator   ~0003245


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