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0003624SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-05-27 21:52
ReporterCptPicard Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0003624: Allow PRO users to enter a custom update URL
DescriptionCould you please allow PRO users to specify a custom update URL to be used when a program is out of date?

There are some programs, such as mkvtoolnix/mkvmerge, where the "direct" page isn't very direct at all.

On that particular program, it sends me to "" which has the release notes, but to download the update, I need to go to "".

Rather than having to search for the proper site each time, it would be great if I could specify a custom page to go to for certain programs in order to save time.

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related to 0003494 resolvedKyle_Katarn SUMo Server Product-specific download URLs 
related to 0004162 resolvedKyle_Katarn SUMo Server Product-specific download URLs 



2019-05-24 14:44

reporter   ~0003388

The link at SUMo server has already changed. It is still not the download page for Windows. But there is no need to search as that page contains also the link to the download page for Windows.

While it is better fixing inappropriate links on SUMo server with the specified means (URL proposal in case of no URL stored on SUMo server resp. email to KC Softwares support for outdated or too abstract links although deep links are available), this issue remains relevant if the user wants to implement some local proxy or library for software management for a set of devices.


2019-05-25 19:19

reporter   ~0003391

This could have the added advantage of crowd-sourcing update links for you.
When PRO users create a download link, it should be forwarded to KCSoftwares for their review and possible addion to the SUMo database.
For the PRO user who created the shortcut, when the SUMo database is updated, SUMo could flag it and allow the PRO user to choose -- disable their link or use the SUMo database update.


2019-05-27 21:52

administrator   ~0003392

Yes, and I need to see if client OR server is the right place to do it.
Thanks for your feedback

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