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0004041SUMoRefactoringpublic2020-04-21 20:30
ReporterOLLI_S Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformWindowsOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.0.1 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0004041: Refactoring - Suggestions for the new UI
DescriptionThe new GUI of Sumo 5.0.1 is really better, but some things could be improved:

Change the order of the buttons (first "Scan" then "Check")

Change the caption on the buttons:
- Scan for Apps
- Check for Updates
- Add new App
- Remove App
- Ignore Update

Move the counters (Products, OK, Minor, Major) behind the captions

Remove the "!" at the "OK" (at the counters)

When I click on "Remove" I see the message:
Do you want to permanently delete this items (ignore) ?
Here you should rename the buttons "Permanently Delete" to "Ignore" and "Cancel".

When I click on "Ignore" I want to select if I want to ignore this specific version, ignore the complete major version or want to ignore the app completely.
See issue 0003362

When you add more "Ignore" levels (see previous paragraph) then the Button "Remove" can be deleted.
If I want to delete an application permanently, I select "Ignore this application completely".
One button less!

When I right click on an entry, you show a context menu.
Add in front of every menu item the same icon you have in the toolbar.

All functions of the SUMo Assistant are available via buttons or via menu entries, except "Reset the list".
So please add a button or a menu entry to "Reset the list".

All buttons and also all status icons at the top right need a tooltip text (a hint in Delphi).

Move the icons that indicate the status (OK, Major Update, Minor Update) to the column "Update" and show in the first column the icon of the application.
See issue 0003435

When I press "Ignore" then I don't get a confirmation dialog (do you really want to...).

You should replace the application icon with the icon of the "Get Update" button.

The Icon "SUMo - Software Update manager" (above the "Check" button) can be clicked, here I see a small "Down" animation.
Is this really wanted?
This element can be replaced if you replace the icon of the application.

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2016-09-23 21:58

administrator   ~0002487

I will likely split this item or answer partially for certain items for these ideas are very interesting, thanks !!!


2016-09-24 10:10


Smartphone_Counters.png (149,273 bytes)   
Smartphone_Counters.png (149,273 bytes)   


2016-09-24 10:12

reporter   ~0002488

Last edited: 2016-09-24 10:13

I wrote above:
> Move the counters (Products, OK, Minor, Major) behind the captions

You may also show small numbers (white text in red circles)as you are used to see on smartphones.
See Screenshot Smartphone_Counters.png
I found this image in the internet, this is not my phone.


2016-09-24 22:11

administrator   ~0002489

good idea !


2016-09-26 06:10

reporter   ~0002492

Last edited: 2016-09-26 06:12

Oh, finally, some UI uplifting! Fully agree on the proposed improvements and would like to add a bit more ideas:

1) Counters should be named more precisely:
"Products" -> "Products detected" or "Items detected",
"OK!" -> "Up to date",
"Minor" -> "Minor updates",
"Major" -> "Major updates".

2) Add an extra counter "Ignored/Skipped items" (calculated after "Check for updates" action). It must be affected only by explicit previous user choice, either by temporarily suspending or skipping certain major/minor updates or fully ignoring some items. That is, it must not account for any internally pre-filtered/blacklisted items (like installers, helpers, etc.).

3) Change the visual status of "deleted" items -- instead of fully hiding them show them as disabled by some visual clue (e.g. by coloring their text light grey, showing them in strikeout style and/or using the word "ignored" in the update column).

4) The similar idea might be applied to temporarily skipped/suspended items -- simply by using the words "skipped all minor", "skipped all major", "skipped current" and "suspended for X days" in the update column.

5) Add "Reset conditions" command to the context menu -- which should make it show all updates afterwards (but only for the current or selected group of items).

6) Add a dialog window for "Scan for Apps" action with 2 caption buttons ("Repeat scan" and "Reset all conditions and scan") and 2 radio buttons or drop-down list control for scan mode ("Normal scan" vs "In-depth scan (slow)"). The last option must be persistent (its last state remembered).

This way we could eventually get rid of ignored + skipped list editors and further simplify the UI (and at the same time making it more apparent/intuitive). Also, the Settings window will be simplified, by removing the redundant scan mode control.

P.S. Kyle, what's the best place to share/discuss such new proposals (not bug reports per se)?


2016-11-01 20:51

reporter   ~0002511

I think the best place is HERE in the bug tracker (feature requests are also posted here)


2018-03-18 17:09

reporter   ~0002821

Kyle, here are many improvements of the UI
These should be implemented soon, so new users get a modern and fresh UI


2019-08-01 09:19

reporter   ~0003655

Do you still make a difference in your proposal between SUMo skip list and SUMo ignore list? Or do you propose to merge these two lists with added properties to support common handling and additional features?


2020-04-21 20:30

reporter   ~0003905

I suggest merging these two lists to one list.

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