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0004062SUMoBugpublic2016-12-21 12:03
ReporterMarco Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version5.0.1 
Summary0004062: Skip this Update for x
DescriptionUpon updating SUMo, the skip this update for any fixed time is deleted.
Steps To ReproduceSelect any product
right click - skip this update - select "for 1 month"
update SUMo to new version
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related to 0004178 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Skip this Update for x 



2016-09-29 20:32

administrator   ~0002494

Does this happens if you reinstall the same version over your current installation ?


2016-09-30 11:03

reporter   ~0002495

Just tested that, as I never tried installing the same version.
No, in that case it just starts up as usual.
If I install a new version, there is always the question that this version has not yet checked for whatever. I accept that, and it scans, so after reinstall I manually did a "scan for installed software", followed by a "check"
This does NOT reproduce the problem, waiting for an update and I'll report back.



2016-09-30 21:42

administrator   ~0002496

When next update (5.0.2) get released please :
- take a screenshot of the "skipped items" list (CTRL+K) BEFORE update
- take a screenshot of the "skipped items" list (CTRL+K) AFTER update
then post both screenshot if different + post update log.


2016-11-07 09:39

reporter   ~0002512

I took the time to wait for any deadline to be reached, and tested afterwards.
I couldn't any longer reproduce the issue. Probably that by "chance" it always happened that some deadlines were met before an update, but SUMo never showed these while running, only after a restart, or in my case, an update, these products were / are shown once again.
I'll report back if that is the real issue.

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