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0004113SUMoBugpublic2020-06-07 22:46
ReporterOLLI_S Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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PlatformWindowsOSMicrosoft WindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.0.6 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0004113: Click on the Counters for filtering, not only sorting
DescriptionIn my suggestion 0004042 i suggested that a click on the counters filters the list:

> It would be cool when I could click on "Minor" and would see just the minor updates in the list.

So here is the description again (in other words):
A click on a counter should show/hide all entries of that category.

When I start SUMo then I see a long list of all entries (77 OK, 20 minor and 2 major).
Now it would be cool when I could click on the OK button to hide (not see) the Up-To-Date entries.
So I see just the entries that have updates.

So when a button has the Status "Down", then the element is shown.
So when a button has the Status "Up", then the elements are NOT shown.

I am not really sure if if the "Down" status is a good way to indicate the visibility, maybe you gray out the icon as well.
So when I click on "OK", the icon gets gray and is pressed (so I see that the OK are not shown).

Clicking on "Products" shows all entries.
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related to 0006091 closedKyle_Katarn Filters 



2016-10-31 12:45

reporter   ~0002508

Can you please remove the last two lines of my comment?
I accidental forget to delete them.


2016-10-31 13:32

administrator   ~0002509



2018-03-18 17:11

reporter   ~0002822

This suggestion increases the usability because users can hide entries, that are OK with one mouse click.


2019-05-11 17:17

reporter   ~0003272

The proposed implementation is inconsistent. Nevertheless I agree the preceeding note that such an implementation increases usability.

A more consistent implementation is to group the filter configuration in the settings window together, i.e. in a common tab in order to increase usability of that window too. But such a consistent implementation requires at least one further action by the user. So I prefer that my variant of this paragraph as well as the original proposal get implemented.

Currently implemented filters I've seen so far are Microsoft products, beta software, registry scanning.

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