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0004170SUMoRefactoringpublic2018-04-04 21:11
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Summary0004170: "HP Support Assistant" to be filtered out (device dependant)
Description"HP Support Assistant" to be filtered out (device dependant)
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related to 0004671 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Filter or sort by File Path or filter by not updated applications 



2017-07-15 00:51

administrator   ~0002645

Not sure if device dependant. Waiting for more feedback from users


2018-04-04 19:32

reporter   ~0002861

It seems that I don't have access to the already existing note.

For which feedback are you looking?

The manufacturer has installed this tool on one of my devices. The tool itself claims to be version, patch level, framework, configuration files 8.0.8104.2022. The latest update happened last month. The tool reports now of being up to date. And as my device is considered a consumer device as opposed to a business device by the manufacturer, it doesn't seem to have the full feature set of the tool. And a lookup at the manufacturer site assumes that UI and feature set may depend on device categorization, operating system edition and version. This does not necessarily imply a different tool version (identification) in the manufacturers perspective. I guess that I'll get the same tool for another device of different device category, same operating system version and different operating system edition this month. SUMo reports it several times for its various constituting parts which reveals some (short sided) design decisions as well as strengths of SUMo.

What do you mean by "to be filtered out"? Please don't filter it out on the server side. Please consider some fundamental changes in your tool design instead, possibly distributed over several change and feature requests. (I've not seen such a design document yet and only limited other documentation in the forum and in the road map.)

And I don't know what you mean in which context by a filter. You provide the configuration options to add folders for consideration, to ignore or exclude software. These options seem to be processing filters, not display filters, on the client side. What seems to be missing in SUMo are display filters which can be toggled. Another change request is already proposing such an enhancement for another purpose although considering an another design and implementation as an alternative.

It seems that you did not yet specify what is an application and what is an application version. Several change requests propose different handlings by SUMo as a consequence. These seem to be inconsistent due to lack of such specifications. Consider i.e. your decisions on Firefox where you have an ESR version, a standard version and many betas, in different editions like 32-bit and 64-bit, and different (hardware, operating system [version]) platforms. Consider the update policy of LibreOffice and your handling of it with several stable release channels in parallel as well as experimental ones. Do you consider a version of the same application and feature level identical if its services are provided locally or via cloud, and how do you map the feature sets across editions of the same version like Microsoft Office in some personal, family, student, professional, enterprise or corporate edition?

How do you want to handle version and application dependencies. HP Support Assistant comes with a tool included which exists also independently by different distributors as it comes with an open source license. When do you consider this included tool as being not up to date? How do you know if HP Support Assistant can work with a more recent implementation of the included tool under which circumstances? Why should you decide in this case?

So another needed enhancement and abstraction is grouping, preferable as a configuration option. HP Support Assistant may have more than 30 components in different versions with different update cycles. I don't know if the HP Support assistent itself is hardware dependent. I don't think so. But a few of its constituent parts may have such dependencies, not for running but for identification purposes.

And as you didn't seem to have specified application and application version precisely enough, you come up with problems for situations handled by Microsoft Windows as Side-By-Side-Installation (first by applications more than 15 years ago, in the mean time also by the operating system itself). Java is a good example. Java is able to report its different side-by-side installations for years already as different applications may depend on different Java versions, all running on the same computer device. You addressed this already in some way for Java (JRE). And you've further accepted change requests for the same situation for other applications like in 0003362 for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

So you should consider definitions of applications, editions and their versions as multidimensional instead of one dimension only or distinction of major and minor only. And the samples mentioned of application shows that a version which is now up to date in one sense and not in another may have another shift of state after a stable release cycle, like in FireFox or even better LibreOffice.

The dependency issue has even more consequences. And I don't know if you know how SUMo handles the reality.

Most parts of HP Support Assistant are reported in two version on my computer, some in one version, some in three versions, all with the same product name of the component! And only when you consider the file path, you'll see that it it a constituent part of HP Support Assistant! And that's not the only application with such a phenomen in SUMo on my computer. Some have some device dependency while others don't. And SUMo shows the information in order to understand the situation although by default not instantly.

So grouping and display filtering seem to me mighty designs to hide or show complexity as desired. Hiding by grouping should become a configurable default to make SUMo useable to a wider user group / audiance. I'm a convert from the soon to be stopped tool Secunia Personal Software Inspector.


2018-04-04 21:11

administrator   ~0002865

Thank you for this very detailed and rich contribution ! I'll give this a look in detail while building the roadmap in detail.
Please do not hesitate to contact me by email (or using our forum) for deeper discussions !

Thanks for your support.

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