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0004178SUMoBugpublic2017-02-13 13:09
ReporterMarco Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.10 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0004178: Skip this Update for x
DescriptionUpon updating SUMo, for some entries, the skip this update for any fixed time is ignored.

This time I got screenshots of everything, and only one line was ignored, so it is somewhat random.
After testing and schreenshooting everything, I did a few additional tests, all without any improvement:
 - close and restart SUMo
 - Hit button "check"
 - Hit button "scan"

Best of all, is that the line in question (vSphere Client) is still shown in "skipped List Editor" as being skipped...
Steps To ReproduceSet several updates to skip for {insert a delay}
Wait for an update to SUMo while still having entries in "skipped List Editor"
Take screenshots of everything
Additional InformationSame issue as in 0004062, but as that one is closed, I was unable to add the additional info to it
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related to 0004062 closedKyle_Katarn Skip this Update for x 



2016-12-19 11:41


SUMo4.jpg (40,877 bytes)   
SUMo4.jpg (40,877 bytes)   
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SUMo5.jpg (167,940 bytes)   
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SUMo3.jpg (25,996 bytes)   


2016-12-27 08:11

reporter   ~0002520

Update to v5.0.11.347 did work.
Was anything changed, or just random luck?


2016-12-27 09:42

administrator   ~0002521

No change for this :-(


2017-02-13 13:09

reporter   ~0002535

The problem is NOT only on updates, it is related to the "check", currently investigating if it depends on the skip this update duration...

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