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0004384SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-05-31 08:45
ReporterJOGI720815 Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformMicrosoft WindowsOSWindows 10OS Version1703
Product Version5.3.1 
Target Version5.11.x 
Summary0004384: Missing Software

the following software is not in SUMo.

Name: LastPass

Greets Joerg
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2017-07-27 09:33

administrator   ~0002654

Is exe file showing the required properties ?


2017-07-27 19:49

reporter   ~0002655

Yes well. All information are in the properties (see screenshot).


2017-07-27 20:53

administrator   ~0002656

This is from the installer.... what does the main exe says ?


2017-07-27 23:24

reporter   ~0002657

No is not the installer. The discription of the file is wrong. This is the main.exe LASTPASS.EXE. You can see in the screenshot in the last line as "Originaldateiname" and in the title of the properties window.


2017-07-29 12:02

administrator   ~0002658

Then it's a bug to be reported to LastPass.... they should not name it "installer" :-(


2017-07-30 05:11

reporter   ~0002659

Its not usefull that we only diskuss about the description of this file. the description not needed to insert LastPass automatically in SUMo.
I report the programers to Change the description of the file ok?


2017-07-30 10:28

administrator   ~0002660

Yes, SUMo "filters" out this items because it declares itself as an "installer"


2017-07-30 22:13

reporter   ~0002661

Ok that is fine that SUMo filters files. But why i have some non MAIN.EXE-Files if i start the automatic search? So i have EXE-Files that means services from a program but not the MAIN-file.
I you filters files by description then many programs are not listend in SUMo. Often the descriptionfield and versionnumbers are not displayed or wrong.


2017-07-30 22:28

administrator   ~0002662

OK... may be fixed on case by case basis


2019-05-30 23:14

reporter   ~0003421

Is this solved now?
Why is it still open?


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