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0004669SUMoBugpublic2018-01-09 21:25
ReporterTM123 Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0004669: Closing the form "Settings" won't discard all options
DescriptionWhen I change options then they will be saved by leaving the mask with 'OK'.
'Close' will discard the changes.

Within the groupbox "Options" there are two buttons for 'Additional Folders' and 'Excluded Folders'.
A click opens the form 'Custom Folders'.
Any changes here will be saved. It doesn't matter whether I use 'Close' or the 'X' .
It seems so whether I cannot undo any changes (eg if I accidentally click on 'Reset')

The button 'Close' on the form settings is behaving like a 'Cancel'. That's fine since there is a 'OK' button.
It is irritating that 'Close' means on one mask 'Close & save' and on the other mask 'Close & discard'. So I would suggest to rename it.
'Close' does not discard all changed options. Only the ones which I can see directly on the settings form. All changes within the 'custom folders' won't be discarded.

There has to be at least one way to discard the changes I did within the form 'Custom Folders'.
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related to 0004668 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Several small problems in settings mask (language change) 


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