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0004912SUMoNew Featurepublic2018-05-27 10:34
ReporterMrAndreas Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.6.5 
Summary0004912: Notification Centre Notification when out-of-date software is detected
DescriptionWhen SUMo performs a background scan at start-up and it detects out-dated software, there should be an option to display a Notification Centre notification to bring this to the user's attention. Clicking the notification should open SUMo with the list sorted so that the the most out-of-dated software is on top of the list.

As an option, there should be a setting that only displays a notification if there has been changes since the last user-approved state. This would require the need to snapshot the current user versions against the current latest version and store them as a snapshot. These values could be displayed as two additional columns in SUMo.
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related to 0003988 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn pop-up notification 



2018-05-13 09:49

reporter   ~0002911

See related: 0004913


2018-05-13 18:22

administrator   ~0002914

Good idea. I'm looking for source code sample in D7 to do the job...


2018-05-17 08:49

reporter   ~0002916

Microsoft appear to be keeping the API to themselves and only providing an interface via UWA apps. One of the comments on the following page, however, provides a link to a GitHub repository that appears to expose the API (or at least parts of it). Using the headers this can be converted to a suitable Delphi interface. Note that the Notification Centre used to be called Action Centre.

The GitHub repository...

According to this article the Action Centre API is published and available in their SDK...

Some UWA instructions that most likely won't be of much help for use with Delphi...


2018-05-17 20:58

administrator   ~0002917

Looks like not possible in D7... i'll keep on investigating !


2018-05-17 22:17

reporter   ~0002918

I could write a simple Delphi wrapper for it if needed. I have done so for other Windows APIs that have had no native Delphi support. It's not very difficult, it just takes a bit of time and requires access to the headers, but if Microsoft has included it in their SDK, then all the information that's required is there.


2018-05-17 23:13

administrator   ~0002919

That would be great !


2018-05-27 09:11

reporter   ~0002937

The latest documentation on "toast notifications" as Microsoft now calls them.

Hopefully this name sticks, third time lucky as they say.

Here's some historical thread on some of the issues people have been having...


2018-05-27 09:31

reporter   ~0002938

This may also be of interest...

However, the best link is still the docs one, i.e., the following one...

Note the link to GitHub and other resources at the end of the article.


2018-05-27 10:34

administrator   ~0002939

What an overcomplicated design...

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