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0004941SUMoRefactoringpublic2021-07-26 21:52
ReporterNick Payne Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntelOSWin10 x64OS Version1803
Product Version5.6.5 
Target Version5.12.4Fixed in Version5.12.4 
Summary0004941: node.js current LTS version shows as needing update
DescriptionI'm running the latest LTS version of node.js (v8.11.1), and that is the current LTS version according to, but SUMo always shows that it should be updated to the current non-LTS 10.x version.
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related to 0006659 feedbackKyle_Katarn Wants to update Node.js from LTS to latest 



2018-05-26 19:18

administrator   ~0002936

Do you have any clue how to determine if the installed version is the LTS branch ?

Nick Payne

2018-07-21 03:40

reporter   ~0002999

I suggest the checking algorithm should be along the lines of:

if current_version < current_LTS_version then offer upgrade to current_LTS_version
elseif current_version < current_non-LTS_version then offer upgrade to current_non-LTS_version

this would keep users up to date while keeping LTS users on the LTS fork and non-LTS users on the non-LTS fork. Other apps such as Java which also have different maintained streams of software could be handled the same way.


2018-07-21 11:59

administrator   ~0003001

Sure... but how to determine is NodeJs is normal or LTS ?

Nick Payne

2018-07-21 12:34

reporter   ~0003004

Well how do you determine that a Java 8 installation should be updated to latest version of Java 8 and not to Java 10? Node.js is the same - LTS version is 8.x and bleeding edge version is 10.x.


2018-07-21 18:41

administrator   ~0003009

Java 8 & 10 are in the same product line and Java 10 is currently tagged as beta.

Nick Payne

2018-07-22 01:23

reporter   ~0003015

Except that Java 10 isn't actually beta, is it? It's a release version different branch of Java. Adobe Reader is another example, where Reader DC and Reader 11 are both still current programs receiving updates.


2018-07-22 10:07

administrator   ~0003016

For Adobe Reader, i've created 2 products lines in SUMo : Reader and Reader DC.
For Java, my understanding is that at some point v8 users will *have to* migrate to v10. Therefore it's a single product line. Am I wrong ?

Nick Payne

2018-07-22 11:15

reporter   ~0003018

According to the Java roadmap at, the next LTS version of Java after 8 will be 11, which isn't yet available. That roadmap also says that Java 8 will continue to be updated until end of December 2020.


2019-03-09 03:35

reporter   ~0003193

Kyle: I'm not aware of any programmatic method to check if a Node.js release is LTS without running Node.js itself. You can check the process.release.lts property in Node.js and if it exists (i.e. is not undefined) then it's an LTS release. That said, I assume SUMo doesn't (and shouldn't) run random binaries to try and determine version information.

There is documentation on the Node.js release schedule which may prove useful: The summary is:
- Even numbered releases become LTS releases *after* the release of the subsequent odd-number release (e.g. 10.x becomes LTS once the first 11.x release is made).
- LTS releases are supported for 30 months. This translates to there never being more than two actively supported LTS releases with the current release schedule.

Hopefully this helps ...


2019-03-09 10:34

administrator   ~0003195

Thanks ! At least, it confirms that the fix won't be so simple :)


2020-05-24 11:19

reporter   ~0003929

Why is this issue still in state feedback? Which feedback to you await from which party or person?

BTW, Oracle changed license policy, release policy and distribution policy between April and August 2019. This issue doesn't reflect it yet.

Oracle no longer releases JRE editions. The last JRE edition is Java 8. There might come perhaps still one new version of this edition at Autumn of this year. I don't expect any JRE version afterwards.

There still exists the JDK edition of Java 8. Don't know how it differs by categorization of the current LTS version (Java 11 SDK). And the current JDK version is Java 14.

To complicate it a bit more, the OpenJDK editions have an open source license while the Oracle JDK editions have a commercial Oracle license. Both are coming from Oracle. And the OpenJDK versions from 7 unto 15 are available as well as others with names instead of numbers. Versions 15 and the names versions are early access versions. Don't know which of those qualify as beta versions. And then there are still versions available solely under commercial license.

And Oracle has published an article for companies like KC Softwares how to distinguish between the JDK editions and version:

This article does not address how to determine if a version is a LTS version or a standard version. If release policies didn't change further, then standard versions are for 6 months or so before the next major release becomes standard version, whatever means next.


2020-05-24 11:27

reporter   ~0003930

I can complement my previous post. The versions having names are beta. The names are project names. The project description reports for each such version to which version is intended as an extension, e.g. one specific to a Mac plattform.

And version 15 is still in beta state. It is expected to become released as standard version on 15 September 2020. Such notes can be found on the version schedule as published by Oracle.


2020-05-24 22:23

administrator   ~0003932

Feedback because i'm still looking for a way to determine wether a given installed version of node.js is LTS or not.


2020-05-24 22:25

administrator   ~0003933


2021-01-30 11:42

administrator   ~0004154

Found a way !

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