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0004983SUMoBugpublic2019-05-18 11:51
Reporterdemos Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.7 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0004983: Info about beta updates (specific symbology)
DescriptionI checked option to show updates for beta versions. In main list I found this update (e.g. foobar) but I didn't see that is beta.
Please mark beta updates differ than main updates.
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related to 0001794 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Display of beta updates on client side 



2018-06-29 18:31

administrator   ~0002968

Please list false positive you have. I'll fix asap.


2018-06-29 20:22

reporter   ~0002970

I don't understand what you mean by list. I want to explain that if I check option to show beta updates than I see these updates, which I didn't see before checking this option. That's why I understand that program correctly defines these updates as beta, but I want to mark them in another style - may be diffrent backcolor or word "beta" in version column. E.g. in screenshot there are beta updates for foobar2000, Total Commander, USB Safely Remove, Winrar. And there is no difference with other updates to releases. I want to emphasize beta updates.
wr.png (57,023 bytes)   
wr.png (57,023 bytes)   


2018-06-29 23:53

administrator   ~0002972

OK ! so finally no more false alerts ?


2018-06-30 08:02

reporter   ~0002973

May be Media Player Classic Home Cinema. I use 1.7.17 and don't know what is I didn't find it.


2018-06-30 10:09

administrator   ~0002974

Fixed !
May I close this ticket ?


2018-06-30 10:17

reporter   ~0002975

No I didn't get what I want. I want that beta updates must be shown in another style in program.


2018-06-30 10:31

administrator   ~0002977

OK, that's clearer, thanks !


2019-05-17 07:39

reporter   ~0003325

It is almost year passed for this task. When it will be done?


2019-05-17 19:23

reporter   ~0003330

You see the answer to your question. This issue is already scheduled and implementation has not yet begun. All this is expressed by the fields target version and state (of the issue). A look up of the specified target version in the road-map (using road-map button above left) show you a current schedule estimation of mid March 2020.

And if you follow the link of related issue, you'll see one (effort and redesign) reason for such scheduling.


2019-05-18 11:51

administrator   ~0003336

Requires an evolution of client/server protocol. Not to be implemented before next major version (in order to protect backward compatibility for the time being).

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