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0004989SUMoBugpublic2019-05-18 09:57
Reporterdemos Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.7 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0004989: Excel Export Error
DescriptionWhen I click Export to Table excel opens generated file as common text with one column rather than CSV.

UTF-8 to be used.


related to 0005437 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn wrong quoting in CSV table export 
related to 0004998 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Add title row for export 



2018-06-30 15:48


sumo_csv.png (49,936 bytes)   
sumo_csv.png (49,936 bytes)   


2018-07-01 11:39

administrator   ~0002980

If you open a CSV file made by another software, do you get different result ?


2018-07-01 16:12

reporter   ~0002981

Of course. Even given your export I just select column A, copy it to new text file and save it with csv extension. Then open this file and it opens correctly.
P.S. I found what's the problem. You generate file export.csv with UTF-16 LE encoding and Excel don't recognize it as correct csv file.

1. I found that is may be Excel bug and there is a trick to ignore it - use tab separator instead of semicolon -
I confirm that it works for me.

2. You can use UTF-8 instead.

3. Or if you use interop library you can try command Workbooks.OpenText


2019-04-22 01:06

reporter   ~0003247

I couldn't reproduce the described behaviour with SUMO version as I don't have a working copy of Excel installed. As far as I remember Excel, its behaviour with that kind of data should be the same as LibreOffice Calc. And I couldn't reproduce the described behaviour with LibreOffice Calc version

LibreOffice Calc opens an import filter for CSV and asks for configuration of the import filter based on guessed analysis of opened import CSV file. In order to configure the import filter a deeper knowledge of the export table format used by SUMO is needed and NOT yet documented, even not in French. At least I could not yet find it. Where do I find this export format documented which is used by SUMO?

I agree that UTF-8 is preferred character encoding for western languages and alphabets over UTF-16. I'm not aware that CSV supports supplying such an information as opposed XML. You may take a look at the data sets and exports of the network of central banks. They offer export of their data sets in tables in formats CSV and XML. Further I agree that using either the tab character or even better the non-printable field separate character would make the export file even more portable and less error prone. Semi-colon may appear in version information fields and then create problems in the CSV format unless properly quoted by SUMO.

It seems to me appropriate to specify the export format more precisely in the SUMO submenu of tools->export. I recommend using menu text such as "table export in CSV format with separator ';' " instead of only "table file".

With the versions of SUMO and LibreOffice Calc, I could import the SUMO export file almost correctly after reading this issue with the provided details of separator and CSV format. The sole problem appearing is the above mentioned missing quoting.


2019-05-17 07:36

reporter   ~0003321

It is almost year passed for such easy task. When it will be done?


2019-05-17 18:59

reporter   ~0003328

You see the answer to your question. This issue is already scheduled and implementation has not yet begun. All this is expressed by the fields target version and state (of the issue). A look up of the specified target version in the road-map (using road-map button above left) show you a current schedule estimation of mid October 2019.


2019-05-18 05:17

reporter   ~0003331

Wolf, who are you? Why you answer to my question instead of author?


2019-05-18 09:57

administrator   ~0003333

@wolf is a user with a very good understanding of the product and the support workflow.
As he mentionned, the issue is "batched" but not on the next release (but to be implemented in current branch).

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