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0005344SUMoNew Featurepublic2020-02-22 19:28
Reporterjohnldove Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.8.12 
Target Version5.12.x 
Summary0005344: If the Minimize to Taskbar option is checked, miminize to Taskbar when the CLOSE button is used
DescriptionIt would be a benefit if the program minimized to the notification icon area if the CLOSE function is used when the Minimize to Taskbar option is checked, not just when the Minimize function is used.
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related to 0004151 assignedKyle_Katarn SUMo Closing with "X" should minimize SUMo 
related to 0003767 assignedKyle_Katarn SUMo If "Minimize to system tray"-option is checked, closure of SUMo's window would just minimize SUMo 
has duplicate 0005350 closedKyle_Katarn SUMo Online Beta Close button and the app minimizes to Notification Area if Mimimize to Taskbar is checked 



2019-03-06 00:39

reporter   ~0003184

Beta 417 fully exits when closed -- does not minimize to Notification Area


2019-03-06 19:27

administrator   ~0003188

Yes, not implemented yet.


2020-02-20 22:52

reporter   ~0003856

The latest version closes when I click the red close x at the top right of the window, even though I have the "MInimize to Task Bar" checked.
I can tell because it disappears from the Processes in Task Manager, and when I start it again, it re-scans as on startup.


2020-02-22 19:28

administrator   ~0003858

Yes, feature still not implemented

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