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0005355SUMo OnlineNew Featurepublic2020-05-12 21:51
Reporterjohnldove Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0005355: Drill down to show the programs that need updating
DescriptionCan you add a Drill Down function to show the programs that need updating.
This would be useful, to see if it was an important update that was urgent enough to warrant an immediate remote control session.
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related to 0005903 resolvedKyle_Katarn Drill down shows two, actual is one 



2019-04-11 21:33

administrator   ~0003211

If I have multiple PC in the dashboard then I will see one list for each computer (If I have 3 computers I will see 3 app-lists).
1) add a check box "Show only available updates" that hides all products that are up to date
2) add a check box "Show all computers in one list" so I see ONE list sorted by products and in a separate column the computer name

With 1) and 2) I can see a list of available updates sorted by application name.
So I know what apps I need to download and then drag and drop them to the other computer (instead of downloading the update for each PC separate).


2019-04-16 21:39

reporter   ~0003224

This would be a great solution!
I would prefer the default to be Show Only Available Updates, with a Show All checkbox.


2020-03-28 15:32

administrator   ~0003880

Please check it out... finally available !


2020-03-28 19:40

reporter   ~0003881

That is wonderful. I like that it shows all of the programs, not just the ones needing update.
There's a new issue, but I'll start a related ticket.


2020-03-28 19:41

administrator   ~0003882

OK, so I can close this one again ?


2020-03-29 08:43

reporter   ~0003885

And thanks, again!


2020-05-09 22:33

reporter   ~0003915

Drill down is inconsistent.
I've had Online computers give a blank page when View is pressed and NOT online computers return a full page of programs.
Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot when I get a blank page for a drill down?


2020-05-10 08:35

administrator   ~0003917

Because of server cleanup since last "check" for this computer. If you call for a check, using the remote interface, wait for it to happen, then open drill down, is it systematically OK ?


2020-05-10 08:45

reporter   ~0003918

That did it!
Would a blurb on the results page be useful?
Reminding to do a Check if the page is blank?
Just a tho't.
Blessings and thanks, Kyle!


2020-05-12 21:51

administrator   ~0003928

A reminder to the user may be useful indeed !

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