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0005368SUMo Online[SUMo] New Featurepublic2019-05-16 20:43
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Summary0005368: Show details about remote PC
DescriptionIt's there a benefit to showing details about the target PCs.
 Such as operating system version, physical characteristics?
Just a thought...
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2019-02-25 21:26

reporter   ~0003175

How about whether the PC is online or not...


2019-03-11 00:01

reporter   ~0003197

Related issue:
Installed SUMo on PC.
Refreshed and saw new entry on Dashboard
Removed PC
Still shows on Dashboard
Recognize that it would not be good to remove a PC that was simply off for the night.
1 Add an "Off Line for xx hours and yy minutes" indicator

2 Add a Remove PC button, so the PC's that have been uninstalled can be deleted from the Dashboard.


2019-05-16 20:43

reporter   ~0003303

Adding further details of hardware characteristics makes sense, but not by default. I prefer it configurable. The main aspect of physical characteristic is either free available permanent storage or CPU details including stepping. With tablets you often have limited permanent storage so a closer look is relevant. And with the next feature update of Windows 10 most tablets will either not become updates due to too little free disk space or to unsupported CPU or both.

Concerning details as the operating system is a software issue addressed by another of your feature requests. SUMo is about software monitoring and update. The operating system is also such a software although KC Softwares recommends to ignore Microsoft products in its settings.

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