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0005406RAMExpertNew Featurepublic2020-04-14 09:12
ReporterKyle_Katarn Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0005406: Command line support
DescriptionRequest from user :

1) Command line operation (no user interface, run silent, save a log)
2) /csv or /tab or /save

What would be great is if I could launch the program like:

ramexpert.exe /save c:\%computername%_re.log
would run the program silently, and save the log files that would normally be displayed using the (?>Open logs menu) in the root as computername_re.log and exit the program without user input or interface.

ramexpert.exe /csv c:\%computername%_re.csv
would run the program silently, and save the output as a CSV file. Something that could be opened in Excel.

ramexpert.exe /tab c:\
would run the program silently, and save the output in a tabular formatted file. Something that could be opened in Word or Excel.

ramexpert.exe /?
would show the command line options.
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2019-11-04 03:39

reporter   ~0003750

Any progress on command line support...


2019-11-04 19:51

administrator   ~0003753

Not yet. Any urgent need ?


2019-11-06 04:20

reporter   ~0003755

I work at a non-for-profit hospital with 500+ PCs. I need to find out the memory, xx chips, xx slots, so I can plan some very needed updates. I don't have the time to go to each PC to run the program to pull the information.


2019-11-07 22:06

administrator   ~0003758



2020-04-14 01:20

reporter   ~0003902

I downloaded the newest release. Does it have command line support?


2020-04-14 09:12

administrator   ~0003903

Not yet

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