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0005438SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-05-12 09:49
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.8.12 
Target VersionShort term 
Summary0005438: change the behaviour or configuration option for the export feature
DescriptionI couldn't find a specification nor sufficient documentation of the SUMO export function and its options and behaviour.

Many devices have either no office application or some time-limited trial version of a Microsoft Office version preinstalled. This latter case creates problems on the system with the poor documentation of SUMO. The trial Office version with expired is configured as standard application for various file formats. Only after learning which file format is used by SUMO for exporting, I could find the Windows operating system configuration to fix. Before, SUMO would start Excel trial and abort with no resulting table exported due to Excel automatic abort.
* Why does SUMO initiate any other program to open an exported file instead of just creating and storing the export file?
* Why is the storage path for export not configurable?
* Why does the storage path for export not get reported (i.e. in bottom status line and log) nor is documented as long as it is not configurable?
* Why is the nameing scheme for export files not configurable?
* What's the currently implemented storage path for export?

I clearly prefer such configuration options as used in many other programs export filter resp. feature. I can also live with a solution where this behaviour is also configurable (open standard application for exported file versus just storing export file). As a default naming scheme, I'd like the application name as additional prefix and the timestamp or date as intermediate suffix before the final
file format suffix.

An alternative are corresponding dialog boxes but my preference is clearly stated above.


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2019-04-22 11:52

administrator   ~0003248

Good point.
Would require a dedicated "Export configuration" tab in settings.


2019-05-11 19:53

reporter   ~0003273

When I tried differently now to export the report list after scanning without checking, I found another problem. It seemed to be an error within SUMo export (to text) as it opened the Windows default editor which is WordPad for text files. So I truncated this file for bug reporting and reopened it with various other text editors for comparing first irritating observations for checking these impressions.

What I observed was missing separator when software tool name length reported by SUMo has a length multiple of 8 in which case WordPad displays the organization resp. company name directly after the tool name without some white space!

When opening with the Windows editor, Windows App NotepadX or gvim, the separator could be seen. So it's no fault of SUMo export but instead of Windows WordPad. That's another reason not to rely on this bugous Microsoft software for export.


2019-05-12 09:49

administrator   ~0003278

Yes. I use system's default program.

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