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0005445SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-11-10 17:37
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Summary0005445: extent logging to multi-session
DescriptionSUMO does reporting and logging. But logging is currently limited to a session. Multi-session logging is not yet supported. This makes it harder to do trend analysis. So please extent logging to cover more sessions. The number of sessions should not be hard coded but might be implicit. Such an implicit limit might become configurable by providing configuration options to specify these limits in days and in size.

It's then not a good idea to replace a multi-session log by a new one and delete the current one. Replacement should happen at the event level according to a kind of LILO (last in last out) strategy. By this I mean that when reaching the time limit, those entries before the past interval may be deleted and when reaching the size limit the oldest entries shall be deleted (either the oldest entry replaced by the new one or deleting all entries of the oldest day on entry of a new one).

When SUMO is running in background after finishing scanning, checking and reporting, there seem only to be some kind of keep alive messages between SUMO client and server. Those keep alive logs may be deleted on session end for multi-session logging unless there is a problem in this link to the server, i.e. due to server maintenance tasks.

Consider storing an intermediate log update not on closure but on end of reporting.
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related to 0005749 resolvedKyle_Katarn DUMo extent logging to multi-session 



2019-10-13 11:03

administrator   ~0003734

Done for significant errors only useful for reliability / robustness trend monitoring.
Displayed in exportable log in debug mode only.

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