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0005462SUMo OnlineBugpublic2019-05-05 18:06
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version5.9 
Summary0005462: SUMo Online remote action request of scan gets lost if remote action requests for check are still pending for the same device
DescriptionSUMo Online has a bug with its action management. In its dashboard, there are three actions available. These seem to be implemented in an asynchronous manner which is fine for performance considerations. So a consistent implementation would queue these action requests until all are finished in order not to loose any such request. Optimization considerations may ask and respond which of these requests may be merged so that an action request does not get performed unnecessarily because the result would not change to another request in the queue.

So if you request the check action several times before even the first request finishes processing, it is an appropriate optimization to DROP all those repeated requests initiated before the first request gets finished. I observed that with i.e. 3 remote check requests for the only remote device while the first request was still running, 2 were performed. I don't consider dropping one of them as a bug.

Although not correct, it seems also an appropriate optimization to DROP also those repeated requests issued within a few minutes after finishing the first such request. Depending on the use case, it might be interesting to get such a threshold configurable by the user who knows his use case. For the standard use case, a threshold of an hour might be sufficient while in a presentation context of installation party an order between 30 seconds and a minute might be more appropriate.

What is a present bug and no acceptable optimization is when a non-redundant action request does not get performed but dropped or lost instead. This was repeatedly my observation yesterday after update of SUMo to version When requesting several times a remote check, then a remote scan and then a remote check in SUMo Online Dashboard on the only reported device while the requests did not yet finish, then the remote scan request seems to get lost. This remote scan request works as long as no other remote action request is not pending.
Additional InformationWith more than 625 applications detected by SUMo, the check operation takes about 3 minutes to perform on my fast device. So that's enough time for such a race condition to start several overlapping remote action requests for the same device.

I don't have access to the SUMo server used for the dashboard and remote action request management for SUMo Online service. So I don't know if there are entries in that server's log. I may provide the login name and remote device name by email on request if needed for further analysis.
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